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Popular Home Trends of 2017

Unlike in the early days where real estate agents didn’t put too much focus on the interior of the houses, with time they have realized the need to upgrade their designs. People have also recognized the need to have high interior designs, and hence this has led to various people focusing on studying interior designing as a profession. Some buyers are also influenced by the interiors of the house before they buy it. Note that some interior trends don’t involve the changes incorporated in the entire home. Sometimes with just a small change in a room, the whole house can be transformed.

Some of the popular home trends in 2017 include:
Bright colors

Bold colors are the new trend for the interior walls. Incorporating bright colors such as lime green to the finishing of your house makes it look all bright and elegant. These colors are not only used for home finishing but also in commercial premises. This is because the bright colors represent refreshment and warmth.

New texture

Most of the times people focus on the colors of the fabrics to use in the house only. But now designers are advising residents to focus on the texture of these materials as well. For example, there are so many options that one can choose when making the house furniture. New textures such as pleat are the in thing today for making sofas. Not only is it soft and elegant, but the material is also durable guaranteeing to serve you for a long time. Other textures that are predicted to be used in 2017 are the faux fur for making seat cushions, mohair and many others.

Navy blue over black

Black is widely known as a neutral color that can be used in various places of the house. Well, the trend has changed whereby designers are advocating for the use of navy blue colors instead of black. Navy blue has a twist of the modern and the traditional look that will make your room stand out. You can use the color in just any area of the house, from the kitchen counters, your bathroom walls, your curtain sheers and even the seats. Also, unlike black that tends to shrink a place sometimes, navy blue makes an area look more substantial.

Copper accessories

One outstanding detail about the new trend is that most of the inventions include the use of bright colors. Copper has been in existence for a long time where it has been widely used in making of home accessories and other kitchen products. The same material can be used in making other accessories such as the flower pots or even the table tops and chairs. Such copper requires being brushed with a shiny substance to give the area a touch of glamor. Other places that you can incorporate copper are the cabinets and the bathroom areas as well. So say goodbye to the old brass and welcome the new copper trend.

The use of fire glass

This is another beautiful trend altogether. You don’t have to keep up with smoke or ash on your fireplace anymore since you can invest in fire glass. This requires one to build up a fire place glass, and instead of using the natural wood or logs, you use fire glass. The glass works with different fuels such as the gas or propane. Some of the benefits associated with the use of the fire glass are that they are environmentally friendly since they don’t produce smoke. Also, the glasses make your fireplace look beautiful since they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes for you to select.

Mix and match

People are no longer buying furniture of the same color. This is an old trend, and it is a bit boring as well. So to enlighten your living room choose two colors of furniture. You can also opt for different colored seat cushions that will go well with the new set of furniture.

Transform your home with the above excellent trends. Most of the above-discussed styles can be incorporated into your old house too. For example, you can alter the color of your home, have the sofas changed the fabric, or make an outdoor fireplace with the fire glass.

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