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Poor Oral Hygiene & Kids: It Can’t Get Any More Worse

Human life is precious. It is so expensive that we take care of it like it’s the most significant fortune and treasure a person can withhold. Pay heed to this: A mother-to-be takes care as she might never have before, giving up all her guilty pleasures, comfort foods, and cheese. Let’s not forget the fact that a mother-to-be ensures that her baby gets every necessary nutrient that’s crucial for its healthy growth.

When the baby slides into this world, it becomes a light to the mother’s eyes. She can’t let go of it, and she keeps it by her side as much as she can and feeds her from her self to ensure that it gets everything that’s needed. The baby becomes the mother’s world, and the mother does everything she can to keep her world safe, loved, and healthy. However, then, of course, the baby grows up and gets out of the crib to become a kid with big dreams and relentlessly cute aspirations for the world to brace itself.

Now a good parent would cocoon her kid for as long as it’s in her wits, but even if it is possible (and it isn’t), then the best a good parent can do is ensure that the kid is safe from bad people and harmful ailments. When it comes to making your kids immune to illnesses and diseases, one of the prevalent problems are related to oral health. Yes, we’re talking teeth, gums, toothbrush, and floss—all of it. Poor oral hygiene is the number one cause of some serious ailments.

It is of utmost importance that children are made aware of problems that oral diseases cause in general sense. For instance, many adults consider cavities as “normal” because they happen with every other child, but it’s not true. The wrong misconceptions and stereotypes change the way children and adults look at oral health, and it’s a serious issue—for poor oral health can cause severe problems like respiratory ailments in adults.

As for kids, however, it starts slow, and if it’s contained, then most of your child’s oral health problems are under control. However, first, let’s look at the prevalent ailments that are caused due to bad oral health. Teach your kids the lessons they need, or they’ll be spinning around the dentist’s clinic in their adulthood!

5 Common Oral Problems with Kids

Let’s look at some of the prevalent problems that kids suffer from—thanks to their weak oral health/

  1. Tooth Decay

Ah, cavities—the proverbial chink in a kid’s pearl-toothed armor. A hollow, as the name suggests, is the opening which pops in a patient’s frame of teeth and it becomes a breeding ground for all the dangerous things. Cavities take time to develop, and they begin with the smallest of dots. When they breed into something noticeable, it’s too late for the parents to realize the problem.

Studies show that nearly 40% of kids aged between two to five years old have at least one cavity in their cute little mouths. Although it is quite a task to detect a hole in the initial stages, preventative steps can be taken. Nowadays, regular dental checkups involve professional cleanings, which reduce the risk of cavities. If a hole is caught at an early stage, dentists use fillings to treat it. In more severe cases, however, the best bet should be a pediatric crown.

  1. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a growing epidemic, and even though it has a short-term cure, the logic behind tooth sensitivity is simple. All of our teeth are covered with enamel—a component which protects the tooth bacteria. The coating, however, is prone to be worn off due to one reason or another (it can be food habits or just an oral malfunction). If the enamel wears off, it leaves the tooth vulnerable to tooth decay.

This is what leads to tooth decay—something which makes the tooth hurt with too much cold or heat. Although tooth sensitivity isn’t that problematic in case of adult teeth, milk teeth have a thinner layer of enamel which might wear off comfortably. Hence, this leaves it vulnerable to tooth decay and gives birth to tooth sensitivity. If children know how gregarious of an issue tooth sensitivity is and how much does it hurt, maybe they’ll stay away from excessive candies for a while.

  1. Damaged and Shook Teeth

We have all had a rough childhood—well, a fun, but rough childhood. Okay, maybe we should call it a thrilling childhood. The point is that when it comes to adventurous kids, they enjoy their share of skipping, running, parkour, biking down the road and climbing walls. There’s quite a chance that accidents may happen, and on the off chance, it might damage and hurt his/her tooth and loose one or two pearls.

People believe that losing milk teeth isn’t such a biggie because after all, there’s a permanent tooth coming at its place. Well, if the milk tooth comes off due to an external injury and not by itself, then its best to contact your child’s dentist to inquire about it. Sometimes it gets severe, and the kid might need a pediatric crown or a root canal. If the permanent tooth is due, however, the dentist usually leaves some space for the permanent one to grow on the occasion of breakage.

  1. Early Gum Diseases

It’s a general notion that gum diseases only strike the adults. However, that’s pretty untrue because a child’s gums are even more sensitive. If the gums look like they are all puffed up and read, it’s about time you start a gum disease treatment. Some serious problems can occur from the gum route, and you don’t want your kid to be a part of that.

Dental cleanings are one way to fix things up. With specialized rinses and regular cleaning, the problem can be solved.

  1. Tooth Misalignment

Malocclusion or dental misalignment is pretty common in toddlers and pre-teen kids. This problem doesn’t have a specific reason, and tooth misalignment can be a result of excessive thumb sucking. Tooth misalignment is generally fixed with braces in case of kids, and now they even have the option of clear aligners at their disposal.

All Set?

Give your kids the ultimatum for the family’s pursuit to a healthy oral life begins here. An essential part of a healthy oral life is a suitable pediatric dentist for your kid. Thanks to Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, all you have to do is plan a visit to their center with your kid(s) and watch them take care of their oral health like nothing else!

Bid adieu to your kid’s oral health jitters like tooth decay and forget that their teeth would ever be misaligned—a proper pediatric dentist like Kids Happy Teeth would take care of your kid’s oral health like no other.

Get set with your daily routine—brush two times a day, floss your teeth till they shine and rinse it all with a mouthwash! That right, there is the secret to happy oral health!