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Places To See And Homes To Visit In Kent

Traveling to Kent, UK is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to see historic sites and homes. Kent is hugely attractive as a holiday destination because:

  • It is known as the ‘Garden of England’.
  • It abounds in natural vistas that are breathtaking.
  • It has something for everyone – sports enthusiasts, families, backpackers and so on.
  • It is deliciously stuffed with heritage homes and historic sites.

Discovering the many delights of Kent can start with walking about and visiting the many places of splendor. And whenever you feel parched because of your walking about, you can always rely on alcohol delivery London to recharge your batteries.

‘Liquid refreshment’

Speaking of liquid refreshments of a different kind – head to the seaside place known as Broadstairs and enjoy:

  • Beaches and bays.
  • Ice cream parlors that have histories dating back to the 1950s.
  • Music and food festivals – depending on when you visit Kent.


There is also the Bleak House which has an interesting past. There is the Dickens House Museum that showcases the relationship between Broadstairs and Charles Dickens. You will find many things in this museum that find mention in various Dickensian novels.


Hills and homes

Sevenoaks in Kent is a picturesque place to spend many an hour in. Among other things, you can enjoy shopping, architecture, eateries of various kinds and fabulous gardens here. It has stood from the 1450s so why not visit it today? We are talking about the National Trust property at Knole. There is magnificence on display everywhere in this home and you will marvel at the tapestries, furniture and portraits here.

Go Churchill’s way

Sir Winston Churchill found great inspiration in Chartwell and you will understand why when you look at the home here. Almost everything in this house has a personal and intimate feel and give you a glimpse into the life and times of Sir Winston Churchill.

Romance galore

If you are on your honeymoon in Kent, you must make Hever Castle a must-see. There is something immensely dreamy about this location. Perhaps it is the 13th century castle which was the home of Anne Boleyn in her childhood. Or perhaps it is the Italian Garden. Or maybe it is the opportunity to check out the Yew Maze and find each other again.

Marshy territory

Visit Sheppey and Sittingbourne and you can enjoy flat marshlands that are deeply tranquil. There are cycling and walking trails here. You could also visit Muswell Manor which has plenty of connection to British Aviation.

‘Marketing’ Kent

Faversham has a prehistoric connection and today is known for its marketplace. The marketplace itself is known as the oldest in Kent and when you walk down Abbey Street, you will be taken back to medieval times! The neo-classical Belmont House has a garden designed by Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd, the world famous garden designer. While you are here, have a taste of the delicious specialty teas.

Making Kent your home away from home is an exciting adventure – literally and figuratively.