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Pick a Feather And Find Out More About Your Personality

Our subconscious can say a lot about our personality. Do you want to learn more about your personality? All you need to do is pick a feather!

Feather 1

You’re a peaceful person who doesn’t like drama. You have a soft character and you’re kind. You’re always there to help someone in need.

Feather 2

You have a sharp mind. Perfection is key to you. Don’t forget that not everyone around you wants to achieve perfection.

Feather 3

You are very ambitious and love to take risks. You’re an independent and self-sufficient person. Don’t forget that being too much independent is not very good for you. Make an effort to pay attention to your family and friends, because they might think you don’t need them.

Feather 4

You always find solutions for your problems. You’re an intelligent and authoritative person with huge imagination. Try to be more soft with your family and friends.

Feather 5

You’re an introvert with a great personality. You’re a very creative person but you lack confidence. Work on gaining more confidence and you’ll learn what you’re capable of.