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A Photographer Takes Photos Of Animals That May Soon Been Extinct and It’s Heartbreaking

British photographer Tim Flach spent 2 years photographing the most endangered animals and documenting their fragile existences. His photo project is called Endangered and provides us with Earth’s most threatened creatures, and reminds us that we might lose them in near future.

From species like polar bear, snow leopard, cheetah to exotic animals we’d never heard or seen before like saiga, Philippine eagle, olm salamander, Flach wanted to present a wide spectrum of biodiversity in his endangered list of animals. Each of these animals has little chance to survive, since their habitats are being destroyed for a very long time. Many endure more horrific ordeals, such as hunting, poaching, and being sold into the black market.

It’s heartbreaking to imagine that soon all these beautiful animals will be gone.

1.  Saiga

2.  Polar Bear

3.  Philippine Eagle

4.  Hyacinth Macaw
5.  African Elephant

6.  Iberian Lynx

7.  Snow Leopard

8. Cheetah With Cubs

9. Ring Tailed Lemur

10. White Bellied Pangolin

 11. Ploughshare Tortoise

12. Red Panda

13. Hippopotamus

14. Red Crown Crane

15. Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

16. Pied Tamarin

17. Sea Angels

18. Shoebill

19. Northern White Rhinoceros

20. Proboscis Monkey

21. Kaiser’s Newt