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Perifit is Organizing the First Kegel World Cup to Motivate and Raise Awareness for Women Globally

Perifit  has announced the first Kegel World Cup to motivate and raise awareness of a public health problem that is still taboo in our society. The fact is that 1 in 3 women has incontinence problems, many suffer after pregnancy and delivery.

Perifit is an app-connected and powerful pelvic floor training and rehabilitation device that transforms boring and inefficient kegel methods into a motivating gamified experience. The result is a truly effective and fun pelvic floor workout for better strength, control, and sex.

After helping more than 10,000 women to heal, Perifit wanted to raise awareness and to try to remove the embarrassment or shame many women feel when they have incontinence issues. For many it’s a hidden secret.

Pelvic floor training has never been so simple

Millions of women suffer from stress incontinence, organ prolapse issues, and intimacy problems every day. However, these conditions can be easily prevented with proper pelvic floor muscle training.

Perifit shows you exactly which muscles you’re contracting using “Biofeedback”, the same technique physical therapists or continence advisors use in their offices, but in the privacy of your own home.

Starting on October 1, Perifit is releasing a competition mode on their app where users can compete for the World Cup. User’s will have to play specific exercises during the first two weeks of October to attain a worldwide ranking for their performance. The title of world champion of the perineum will be awarded to the player who has the best performance in 5 criteria: strength, endurance, relaxation, precision, and training frequency.

The benefit of Perefit is that it is he only pelvic floor trainer with 2 sensors.

Every pelvic floor specialist encourages strengthening both superficial and deep pelvic floor layers is essential to get results. Perifit is the only pelvic floor trainer with two sensors which help you to strengthen both of the pelvic floor layers.

The Perifit sensor is only 26mm wide. It fits all body types and accurately measures your lift strength.

Any workout is more fun when you have a coach to train and encourage you. With Perifit’s virtual coach feature, your workout is efficient, effective, and entertaining.

After each use, simply wash it with soap and water.


I have been suffering from stress incontinence for a few years and I decided to buy Perifit to rehabilitate me. I received it in December 2017 and for 2 months, I have practiced 3 trainings per week recommended by the application and I perceive some improvement. There are other programs besides stress incontinence: postpartum, urge incontinence, and sex, which can adapt to the expectations of other users. The application works well and Perifit is globally well detected by the Bluetooth of my phone (I am under Android). It’s a purchase I recommend!

You can lean more at :https://perifit.io/