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Perfect White Teeth and How to Obtain Them

There are a couple of things in life that anyone would love to have. Not everyone wants the sports car or vacation house on the beach, but you can be sure that no one would say no to a perfect set of pearly whites. Having nice white teeth is very important to everybody as it’s a very impactful and apparent characteristic.

People with perfect, white teeth report enjoying life more due to the way in which they are treated and the effect their perfect smile has on their different interactions with others. If one thing’s for sure however, it’s the fact that it’s easier said than done. There are people who make it look extremely easy but even so, many people struggle to maintain decent looking teeth that aren’t stained or yellow. Here’s what you need to do in order to make your teeth whiter:

Watch What You Eat

This one is fairly obvious as, for most people, foods and drinks play the largest role when it comes to tooth discoloration. There are a lot of delicious or popular foods and beverages that are detrimental to the health and look of your teeth. Some of the treats that cause teeth staining are coffee, dark tea, fruit juices, tomato sauce, dressings, curry, wine and soda. If you find any of your favorite things among this list, just make sure that you consume them with moderation and take care to clean your teeth properly every day to avoid staining.

Careful With the Pills

When someone takes a pill, they take it because they believe it’s going to make them feel better. The truth is, however, that a lot of frequently used medicine comes with a nasty side effect: tooth staining. Since your prescribed medicine is pretty important to your health, it’s kind of hard to justify leaving it behind. Consulting a doctor in this situation will definitely pay off as the doctor could tell you what to do next so that you can take your meds without them causing undue discoloration.

Smoking is Very Bad

If you’re a smoker you’ve surely heard enough warnings about the dangers of smoking and how it’s very bad for your health. If you are not fazed by all the potential risks you’re taking by smoking, you might find it harder to ignore the fact that smoking also ruins any chance you have at a set of white teeth. If that’s truly what you want, you can’t have that and tobacco as well.  If you just can’t give up smoking, you may find some benefit in laser teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. Otherwise, you’ll have to get used to stained yellow teeth or refraining from smiling.