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The perfect sunglasses for your face shape

Finding the perfect sunglasses for this summer, to protect your eyes and to perfectly match to your everyday style it is essential for every woman. While eyewear accessory trends come and go and change every season, the shape of your face stays the same.

If you need a help to choose the best for your face shape, here is a guide that can help you explore the eyewear styles to wear this summer.

Heart Shaped Face

Cara Delevingne


Face shape description: A broad forehead that extends to a very small chin with angled and high cheekbones.
Perfect eyewear: Round or oval shaped glasses are perfect for those with heart shaped face to contrast shapes.

Square Shaped Face

Constance Jablonski 


Face shape description: Broad forehead with a strongly defined jaw line, and the width and length of your face sides are proportional.
Perfect eyewear: Oval or round sunglasses to contrast roughness.

Round Shaped Face

Codie Young


Face shape description: Wide cheeks, wide forehead and a curved chin, face with softer angles.
Perfect eyewear: Angular or square shaped frame to contrast the roundness and wideness.

Oval Shaped Face

Liu Wen


Face shape description: Angled cheekbones with a rounded jaw line slightly narrower than your forehead which is slightly wider.
Perfect eyewear: Square or round, your face shape is adaptable for any eyewear style. Lucky you!

Diamond Shaped Face

Linda Evangelista


Face shape description: Wide and pointed cheekbones and narrower forehead than heart shaped face, with an angular jaw line.
Perfect eyewear: Oval shaped frames to balance features.