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These People Tried Too Hard to Look Like Kim Kardashian

There are people who go to extreme lengths just to look like someone else. Remember that girl who spent thousands of dollars to look like a real barbie? Yes, even fictional characters get seriously imitated by real people.

And then there are the celebrities. One example is Kim Kardashian. Some of her die-hard fans don’t mind spending their own fortunes just to look like her. Sometimes the surgeries work, sometimes the surgeries go wrong and we already know about plenty of celebs who faced serious complecations in their life because of plastic surgery. On this article, we are not going to cover about them but if you are interested to know more, check out this post – Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – The 75 Worst Plastic Surgery Stories Ever.

Here’s your list of people who tried too hard and some of them get disappointed with the results:

Jennifer Pamplona

Some people are just not satisfied with what they are already blessed with and still wants more. Take this 24-year old woman who had 4 pints of fats transferred to her butt, so she can look like Kim Kardashian.

Actually, she already looks hot. She has attractive bottom and has a pretty face. She is determined to look like Kim after her boyfriend told her she was skinny.

She may have achieved Kim’s bottom with her $50000, but do you think it’s worth it? Look at her. Her “before photo” is a lot better than the “after photo.”

Claire Leeson

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that by looking like someone who’s pretty and popular, would make us look pretty too. Well maybe, for the time being.

Claire Leeson, a 27-year old receptionist was once told she looks like Kanye West’s wife. This flattered her yet after improving her breasts and bum, she decided to imitate Kim’s makeup instead. Fortunately, it landed her Kim lookalike gigs. Imagine how happy this makes her feel.

But it was a temporary bliss. Sooner, she got sick of being compared to the celebrity. She thinks it’s ruining her life. It feels like she doesn’t have her own identity anymore. She’s Claire, not Kim. Too late as most people who know her associate her with the celebrity.

Jordan James Parke

You think only women wants to look like Kim Kardashian?

This 25- year old man from Birmingham spent about £130,000 to look like Kim. He had 50 cosmetic procedures including nose jobs, lip and jaw fillers, botox, and face lifts. £130,000 after and he still doesn’t look like her.

What’s strange though is he did this for a hobby, and not because he hates himself. He only stopped when he had irreversible problem with his lips. It starts to leak and it hurts. £130,000 for a hobby, accompanied with lip pain? What a waste of money.

Marlene Chinea

She does 300 squats to achieve Kim’s butt, and at the same time tries to gain weight to get breast enlargements. This 36-year old nurse from Miami, Florida spent nearly $10,000 to have surgeons extract fats from parts of her body, to be injected to her bottom. It’s called a Brazilian Butt lift.

It would have been better if she did the squats for herself, not for someone else. I mean, 300 squats is hard work. Oh well, she did say she really likes Kim.

Kylie Jenner

There’s no one else more determined to look like Kim Kardashian than her very own little sister, Kylie. She actually admitted that she does want to look like her old sister. In fact, she wants to be the one who’s the 35-year old. I can’t imagine why — I mean, she’s a lot prettier. And younger. Well, she reportedly spent $2 million for cosmetic procedures. To be fair, she still looks gorgeous.

Trying to look like someone is perfectly alright. However, don’t overdo it. It might backfire.