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These People Adopt Rescue Dogs Before Meeting Them

In 2011, Tracy and her husband Scott decided to follow their passion for saving lives of abandoned dogs. They went for a road trip, collecting dogs from high kill shelters and helping them find a permanent home. Thus began the incredible company called “Tracy’s Dogs”. The couple managed to adopt more than 3700 dogs who would have been euthanized.

Tracy’s Dogs in partnership with PetSmart set meeting places for the new owners. The interested owners fill out an application, they’re matched with the right dog and then brought together with their new pets. Every month, Scott loads the lucky puppies into a trailer and takes them to a PetSmart parking lot in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida and Washington DC. The eager new parents are patiently waiting for the trailer to stop in their city so they could meet their new family member.

Take a look at the video below showing some of the new owners meeting their dogs for the first time. The video is incredibly emotional and beautiful.

“I cried with happiness through most of this video. I have never seen so many adorable dogs get adopted on the same day. It seemed like most of the dogs knew that they were finally going home to their forever family and would never worry again. I can’t believe that if it wasn’t for your help these dogs would no longer be here. This was the most heartwarming thing that I have seen in a while.”- wrote one commenter.