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Parenting For Busy Moms

As summertime rapidly approaches, your days, if possible, are about to become even more hectic. Now that school’s out and your children are home full time, you need to make the most of each day. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save time so that you can still enjoy a few minutes for yourself.

Plan Activities

Summer is a great time to get the children outdoors to enjoy fun physical activities that keep them entertained, healthy and fit. If you work away from home, contact your town or school to see if they offer summer day camps. Most run programs that last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, which can help you occupy their time while you’re at work. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you can plan a variety of activities to keep them busy while home for the summer. Day trips to places like the zoo, museums and community pools will help you all stay active.

Time Saving Apps

Technology allows you to look up just about anything in just a few seconds right on you. Take advantage of the many apps available such as the ones for banking where you can take a picture of a check and deposit it without the need to actually go to the bank. Or, the apps many grocery stores now have where you select certain coupons and then scan them at the register, ending the need for cutting and carrying. You can even use an app to remember family doctor and dentist appointments or to send birthday cards online, eliminating yet another stop.

Ready the Night Before

Just as you do for school, it’s beneficial to save time and your sanity, by selecting your children’s outfits for the following day the night before. And, if you plan to send them to day camp, packing their lunch the night before will also save valuable time. You have enough to do in the morning with breakfast, applying sunscreen and getting yourself ready too.

Prepare Meals Ahead

In a perfect world, you arrive home from work to a healthy meal prepared and ready for serving on the table. However, most people don’t have a live-in chef, so the cooking lies square on your shoulders. A great way to save time is to plan easy weekly meals in advance or do some of the cooking over the weekend and then freeze them. This way, during the week you just have to turn on the oven and walk away. Slow cookers, pressure cookers and even air fryers can be real time savers at dinner time.

Getting in Your Workout

It’s important to you to stay fit and you enjoy your workout. However, with children home, it’s hard to find the time to head off to the gym. Luckily, for the summer schedule, there are workouts you can do from the privacy of your home and still keep your body lean and beach ready.

Shop Once Weekly

Saving time is the goal of every busy mom and thankfully you can save time during the week by making just one trip to the supermarket over the weekend. Make a comprehensive list of planned out meals, snacks, water and other supplies and then use this list at the supermarket.

Stay Organized

If you often misplace things like your keys or purse, finding a location for everything is in your best interest. Buy a holder for the wall and hang your keys in an entryway or the kitchen. The same goes for jackets, umbrellas and shoes. If you have things neat, tidy and organized, your mornings will be uneventful (well, less eventful anyways).

Whether it’s summer and you have the kids home all day or the dead of winter, finding ways to save time in every area of your life will keep your home happy and preserve your sanity too.