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Parenting 2.0 – The Ultimate Guide to Modern Day Parenting

One of the monumental tasks among modern day parents is how to raise their children in such a way that they turn out to be the successful and confident beings of the future.

The definition of the right parenting alters with respect to time. Before the Internet and social media era, the notion and approach of the parenting revolved around following the single authority that have been passed from one generation to another. However, that’s not the scenario anymore. Millennial parents have the world wide web at their disposal, and they don’t blindly follow any single authority.

The parenting advice of a plethora of experts floating on the internet makes it daunting for the parents to trust a single authority. Moreover, parents also have to make sure they don’t end up losing themselves in the process of nurturing the child.

In this comprehensive and modern-day parenting guide, we are going to state some of the most researched pointers in the realm of parenting that will help you to become good parents and grow your little tots into outstanding human beings. Let’s get started!

  1. Keep Check on Your Parenting Style

No matter how greatly we have evolved, we have yet to figure out a parenting style which could be labeled as the right way. However, the good news is it is possible to develop a subtle parenting style by fostering certain traits.

If you really want your child to listen and respect you, the only way to do that is by showing endless determination and showering unfathomable love on your little one instead of using fear as the tool. Today’s kids are way smarter and sensitive than all the previous of the same age group kids. They question everything. You can’t instill the core values and life lessons in them unless you are supportive and not pushy.

Don’t be a hovering parent. Trust yourself and lead your kid by examples!

  1. Instill The Trait of Discipline

A great chunk of the parents thinks that by imposing preposterous timetables and habits on the little ones, they can teach them the crux of discipline. Not only parents but most of us also relate the world discipline with the term obedience which is not true. The pristine meaning of discipline is the awareness of one’s action or in-actions.

Instead of imposing the age-old rules again and again on children, parents should meticulously check the behavior and actions of their young ones and try to regulate them when it’s quintessential. Render them the message that you don’t like the inappropriate behavior, but you still love your little angel.

  1. How and What to Feed Your Child

Feeding your little one the right nutrition is one of the most strenuous tasks for modern day parents. Often, parents arrange special meals like junk food for their picky children which slowly and steadily becomes an unbreakable habit. There is a saying ‘ what looks good is actually bad for your health and what doesn’t look good is actually good for your health.’

When it comes to feeding, small children can be quite difficult to feed. One efficacious way to implant the nutrition knowledge and right eating habits in your little one is by giving them the independence to learn about taste and the texture of the food. Spend some quality time together and teach them about variety of real foods and cons of eating processed foods. Once in a while do fulfill their demand of eating their favorite snack but don’t make it a regular thing.

Encourage your child to keep tasting healthy food and don’t loose hope in few tries.

  1. Choose Your Job Smartly

Agree or not, millennial parents are sheer workaholics. The immense pressures of meeting project deadlines sometimes make them forget that they have kids to take care of. If you want to develop unshakable and long-lasting bonds with your kids, you need to give them ample time.

Before your grab the job letter, always ensure that your job won’t be an obstacle in your parenting. Prefer only that job who offers varied privileges to the working mothers or fathers like work from home, maternal leaves, etc.

  1. Set Bedtime Rules

According to research by leading psychologists, 90% of the bodily problems arise in us because of the dearth of quality sleep.

Younger children are not good slippers. No matter how hard you try, they fall asleep according to the sleep patterns. Parents need to understand their sleep patterns and find a way that makes a baby fall asleep without much of a hitch.

For older children, make sure they turn off the device at least half an hour before going to the bed. Getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep will ensure they will be quite active in school and doesn’t feel disconnected.