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Parental Control App – Ensure your Child’s Safety in Cyberspace

When you have to choose between invasion of privacy and keeping your child protected in the World Wide Web, which one would you choose? The thing is that when you are dealing with children, they need you, as their adult caregiver for guidance. This is why it is important to find the appropriate parental control app that will allow your children to enjoy a threat-free online community. You have a lot of choices available for download and you do not even have to pay for most of them. There are also some apps that you can try for free before you decide whether it is a worthwhile purchase or not. An example of a parental control app that is free to try is iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor – Basic App Information

With the commitment to make cyberspace a better place especially for children, iKeyMonitor is an Awosoft Technology creation which is a result of extensive professional studies. Awosoft has established a trustworthy and reliable application brand since 2005. Staying true to its commitment, it is dedicated to protect the safety and security of World Wide Web users especially the younger ones who are susceptible to malicious online attacks.

iKeyMonitor parental control app, enables parents to monitor and even control their children’s online activities. It puts parents in control from activating and deactivating the application as well as viewing logs of the websites that they children visit. Licensed version of iKeyMonitor app even allows parents to change the settings of the application remotely.

What makes iKeyMonitor an efficient parental control app?

Just like other parental control apps, you are in charge of the settings of the application. With iKeyMonitor parental control app, you are in control about when to monitor your children’s online activities and when not to. All it takes is a tap on the control button. You can choose the time and duration when your children can go online. You can access the logs and view the websites that your children visited as well as some additional information about their activities in each particular site. It also requires minimal time and effort for setting controls as you can easily synchronize multiple target devices.

You may notice that there are opposing views when it comes on spying on your children on their online activities. Here are some negative effects of parental control apps:

  • False security. There are some apps that promise you everything and give you the idea that your child is invincible in cyberspace. However, not all apps can deliver on this promise. This is why it is important to do your research about such apps like iKeyMonitor first so you can make the best possible decision in choosing the best parental control app for your children.
  • Trust issues. Your children may complain that you do not trust them enough to use the internet on their own but in such cases, trust must be earned. With the growing number of online predators, your children can easily fall victim with their innocence and their innate quality of seeing the best of other people.

With all the dangers that lurk in nooks and crannies of cyberspace, the question is not whether you should or should not get a parental control app but which one should you get.

Features speak louder: iKeyMonitor Features

These are the features of the iKeyMonitor app:

  • Parental Ally. Not all children are open in communicating about their interests and online activities with their parents. Therefore, to ensure safety, some parents have to find a reliable ally to keep an eye on their children when they themselves cannot. The parental control app iKeyMonitor serves as their eyes on their children when the parents are not around.
  • Employee Engagement. Monitor your employees’ activities with the iKeyMonitor parenting This way, you will see who among your employees are worthy of praise, reward, or promotion and who among them needs some coaching sessions and maybe even disciplinary action. This can help improve productivity and an honest employee evaluation.

With the existence of numerous apps that help you monitor online activities such as iKeyMonitor, choosing the best parental control app can be quite challenging. Therefore, use critical thinking, weigh your options, and choose the perfect app for your needs and preferences.

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