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Parent-Friendly Perks Your Next Vehicle Should Have

Cars are built to fit personalities and lifestyles. It is important to take your lifestyle into account because it can make things easier, especially for parents. The following are a few car features that your next car should have.

Voice Amplifier

You have probably been working on making sure you get a good deal and that you can pay the monthly payments without stretching yourself too thin using a car payment estimator, but you also have to consider your life after purchasing the car. One feature that you might love to have is a voice amplifier.

Those thinking of purchasing a van or station wagon will need an amplifier so that you do not have to yell at the top of your lungs when the kids sitting in the back of the vehicle decide to ignore you. The amplifying technology uses a microphone to capture your voice and amplifies it using the speakers in your car. This prevents kids from distracting parents who are supposed to be paying attention to the road.

The Steering Wheel Side Hook

Some mothers place hooks inside their cars to carry a purse or a trash bag. The problem is these hooks use some type of adhesive, meaning that it will fail at some point. Some car makers actually thought of this and decided to add a built-in hook on the side of the car’s steering wheel.

It may not seem like the most revolutionary feature, but it is a helpful feature that you could learn to love given enough time. A lot of vans, station wagons, and SUVs are now designed with these hooks so look for them. Do not be afraid to ask your car dealership representative to help you find a car with the features you want.

The Keyless Entry Pad

Another feature that parents are loving is the keyless entry pad. This is great for all kinds of reasons like when you are carrying a few bags of groceries and do not have time to find your keys. It also ensures that your kids cannot lock you out of the vehicle. The feature is popular on several types of cars, such as SUVs and vans.

The Motion Sensing Liftgate

Everyone knows how annoying it can be to fumble for keys when opening the liftgate, especially after going shopping. This is something car makers also took notice of and decided to offer a solution.

The motion sensing liftgate feature can be found on select vehicles, and it allows you to open the trunk by simply waving your feet under it. Granted, the keyfob does need to be close by so that the vehicle recognizes that it is you who is trying to open the car. You do not have to worry about placing your shopping bags on the ground with this helpful feature.

These are just some of the features parents might want to have in their vehicles to make their lives a little easier. Of course, there are many other features to consider like hot and cold cup holders or a set of cameras that allow you to see everything around, including what is under your car. Being able to see everything before driving off can keep toys, pets, and even children safe.