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Paralyzed Dog Abandoned On The Streets With a Note And a Pack Of Diapers

Having a dog with special needs is not easy. Since it takes a lot of work to take care for a paralyzed dog, most of these disabled pets, unfortunately, end up abandoned.

Poor Lunita was such a beautiful dog, but since she was paralyzed, she ended up dumped on the streets of Argentina. A kind Samaritan found her lying with her face down on the sidewalk, tied to a rail near a dog grooming salon. Her frail legs were attached to a dilapidated wheelchair, with no food and water beside her, just a bag of diapers and a note. The man felt sorry for the poor dog and contacted the rescue organization LUBA Salta. Luckily, they rushed, picked Lunita up and took her to the shelter for a check up.

Lunita was placed in a foster home, in hopes that she’ll find a loving home. After hearing her story, a U.S family contacted the organization and took Lunita to her forever home. Unfortunately, Lunita didn’t find happiness in her new home. Her owners didn’t know how to properly take care of her, so she ended up being neglected, which led to Lunita getting a staphylococcal infection. It took a lot of care, meds and love to treat poor Lunita and when she was finally well, another U.S family wanted to adopt her. This magnificent family finally gave Lunita a loving home and care and she was finally happy. She even had doggy siblings and a custom-build wheelchair.

Unfortunately, just one month after her 11th birthday, Lunita got sick and got admitted to ICU. She courageously fought for her life and she sadly passed away, surrounded by her loving family.

“I will never forget her and how much she meant to me. She changed my life forever. I loved her so much,” wrote Lunita’s mother on her Facebook.

Although Lunita’s life was tough and she suffered a lot, her final year was filled with care and love! Rest in peace beautiful Lunita!