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Outdoor Airsoft Gun Shooting Game – Fun Way to Do Cardio Exercise

Specialists recommend everyone to go outside more and move in nature, but they insist on the benefits outdoor movement has on women. Our current lifestyle, when our days go by sitting down in front of a computer rather than standing, have a strong impact on our health and lives. First of all, according to recent studies, people who sit too much may lose some of their mental sharpness and this is not something you want to encourage!

Secondly, a woman who is following her dream and wants to combine both family and professional life will often forget about her own well-being. Also, too much time spent indoors will affect your skin’s vitality and artificial light from various screens is an encouraging factor for wrinkle formation.

On the other hand, natural light has a benefic effect on our skin and body, and time spent outside, among trees and plants, is great for the mind. That’s why I recommend outdoor activity as the main remedy for various problems. A bit of cardio in nature will make the heart pump faster, will move the blood, and will bring some color to your cheek. It will also tone the muscles and give you a general healthy aspect and feeling.

Now, if you are like me, you probably hate running in the park or hiking just for the sake of hiking. I like doing activities that have a specific purpose and I hate wandering around the streets just to get some exercise out of it. In this case, I recommend finding a fun activity that will get you outdoors and will give you a good cardio exercise, like airsoft.

Have Fun and Workout while Shooting!

My first encounter with airsoft was through Goog Gun, but I was hooked from the start! I like the fact that this is an activity you can do with or without friends and you don’t have to go to a special location to get some cardio workout out of it.

If you play with a team, the first few games will get you completely exhausted (but happy) – airsoft requires lots of movement and thinking which is why beginners end up being spent by the end of one round. Depending on your role, you can also get in some direct confrontations (or close quarters battle as it is called in the game) which will definitely get your heart pumping.

If you like playing alone, you can do target practice or you can put together an entire drill to test your accuracy and response time. So, besides getting a good cardio exercise, you also get to learn how to become a better shooter and test your skills.

Overall, airsoft is a challenging game that will tone your muscles and give you a purpose while exercising. And, since it’s quite challenging and a bit addictive, the risk of you getting bored and giving up (as it happens when you run or go to the gym) is extremely low.

It’s also a cool way to spend time outside and meet new people that share the same passion as you. Finally, airsoft is a game of tactics and will teach you to be better prepared in a wide range of situations, not just with cardio or mental focus.