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Our Guide To Reducing Muscle Soreness And Aches

Alleviating pain in your body can be tough, and you might find that some of your usual methods aren’t working. Some people like to try natural remedies as well. In the UK, manuka honey is a very common remedy for helping with sore throats and hay fever. But trying to help muscle soreness is a whole different story. If you’re struggling with muscle aches and pains, keep reading this guide and you’ll find out how you could reduce your pain significantly.


A new common product that people are now turning to in the hopes of helping their muscle aches is CBD. This compound comes from the cannabis plant, but it has the THC removed so it’s not psychoactive. CBD comes in many different forms as well, but for muscle soreness, people like to use a topical cream. Once applied directly onto the affected area, the CBD is said to penetrate the skin, reach the muscle and reduce inflammation. Some people like to use an oil instead that you can take orally. CBD also comes in different strengths, so if you used a slightly lower one, you could work your way up to find one that’s suitable for you.

Hot And Cold

You might be used to using hot water bottles to help with general aches and pains but treating them with cold packs can be just as effective. Heat helps to increase the blood flow in an area, and coldness can help reduce inflammation. You could alternate between the two as well to really help soothe the area and combat any soreness. If your muscle aches are in a large area, you could take a hot bath instead so that you can really target the pain. Or, if you’re brave enough, you could try an ice bath.


If your body is sore from exercise, you might find that stretching helps your muscles to relax. When you exercise, it’s normal to experience some soreness the next few days if it was quite intense, but if the pain is unbearable, then you need to look at how you’re exercising and what changes you can make. To prevent muscle soreness, you need to warm up and cool down so that your muscles have time to prepare and relax.


One age old way of relieving muscle pain is massage, and some people purely rely on this method to help them. If your pain is from exercise, you could try a sports massage, or if it’s a more general ache, you could go for a hot stone or Swedish massage. Make sure you go to a fully trained massage therapist as they’ll be able to properly help you deal with your problem.

Gentle Exercise

If your muscles are aching or sore, they may still need exercise. Don’t opt for an intense cardio workout where you’re likely to injure yourself more. Instead, try gentle exercises like swimming or tai chi. The water in the pool supports your body and takes any pressure off your joints, and the gentle movement of tai chi can stop your muscles from seizing up.

Muscle soreness can be tough to deal with and it may not go away overnight. But, with clever uses of natural remedies, hot and cold therapy, and careful exercise, you can help lessen the pain massively.