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Ostrich Hugs the Abandoned Baby Elephant That Misses His Mother

Jotto is an elephant that was only 1 month old when he fell into a well and got separated from his herd. The “David Shelldrick Wildfire Trust” charity took the baby elephant to an elephant orphanage in Kenya.


No one expected that Jotto will find his best friend there, a friend that’s not an elephant. Jotto became best friends with an ostrich named Pea.


Pea was rescued in 2014, when rescuers found her in need of help along with his brother. Rescuers took the ostriches to the shelter and from that moment on, Pea started taking care of the baby elephants and making sure they’re not lonely.

“We’re pretty sure that Pea believes she’s an elephant and Jotto really enjoys spending time and cuddling with his best friend, “explain from the charity.

Take a look at these two gorgeous orphans, helping each other heal!

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