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Orlando International Airport: 5 Tips for Travelers

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is a popular airport in Florida that hosts airlines to suit every traveler’s budget. It offers both domestic and international flights making it a bustling place with plenty of opportunity for confusion, but it also has a lot of amenities to keep visitors happy. If you are planning on flying from Orlando in the near future, it is a good idea to find out the critical information before you arrive so you can plan your visit and minimize the time you spend wandering around aimlessly. This guide outlines 5 tips to help travelers make the most of their time at Orlando Airport.

1. Parking at Orlando Airport

If you are driving to the airport, you should book MCO airport parking in advance to ensure you get the best price and/or the most convenient spots. There are multiple options, including free parking lots (although these are located quite a way from the terminals), short-term, long-term, and valet parking.

2. Finding your way around

Airports are enormous places and can be challenging to find your way around, but Orlando offers interactive kiosks that are there to help you. You can use these kiosks to locate your terminal, shops, restaurants, or other facilities like tourist information and restrooms. These kiosks also let you print your boarding passes so you can avoid waiting in line.

3. Shopping, fun, and games

The main terminals at Orlando Airport are A and B, which are located in the North Complex. There you have access to a range of shops that are well worth browsing, such as SeaWorld, Universal (including Harry Potter merchandise), two Disney stores, and some wonderful Disney displays to take your photo next to. There is also a traditional candy store called Natalie’s Candy Jar, which is the ideal place to pick up sweet snacks, whatever your age, and plenty of other well-known brands. Even if you don’t want to buy something, browsing the quirky and cool stores can be just as much fun.

In the main terminal area, you can explore the Arcade, which has retro and modern games to keep you and any children you have with you entertained.

4. Relaxing and dining

If you want to relax for a while, there is also a 3,000-gallon aquarium full of beautiful and exotic fish. The airport offers free public Wi-Fi and five lounges for passengers to kick back in.

In terms of dining options, you will almost certainly be able to find something which suits your budget and time restrictions. You can grab a light bite, fast-food, sweet treats, or have a sit-down meal from international cuisines and well-known food brands.

5. Getting through security

The security procedure for this airport is the same as any other airport which takes the safety of staff and passengers seriously, so you can rest assured you will be well looked after. It may take some time to get through security at peak times, when you have passed security at your terminal, you get on a train which will take you to your gate. There are more shops, a food court, and a spa called Xpresspa, which is ideal for adults looking to unwind before a big flight.