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Organising Your Office Christmas Party!

If you’ve been given the responsibility of organising your office Christmas party, it can be a big task, and one that if you get wrong, it will go down in the history of your business for all the wrong reasons. Whether you’re organising a party for 17 people or 217, the fundamentals of your Christmas party will essentially be the same, and there’ll always be at least one embarrassing story that will be told for years to come (or at least until the next Christmas party rolls around and something else happens).


Office parties are often the one time of year that employees can let their hair down, have some fun and get into the festive spirit. So if you’re struggling to organise yours, keep reading for some top tips on organising your office Christmas party…

Securing Your Date

One of the first things you should do is set the date of your event, you don’t want to book something to then find out half of your employees will be missing because of prior commitments. Social calendars fill up exceptionally fast at this time of year, therefore securing a date is important – send out a few potential dates to the office and then you can gauge which date will be the best for your office Christmas party.

It’s important to bear in mind that certain dates fill up quick, so it’s worth getting ahead of the game and booking your party early!

Finding the Right Venue

Depending on the budget of your office party, finding the right venue can make or break your office Christmas party. On average, Christmas parties can cost upwards of £200 to organise and execute – but often, the cost is worth it for the employees to feel their hard work and commitment all year has been noticed and they are now being rewarded.

One of the most popular destinations for office Christmas party nights is often a hotel, as they organise great party evenings where there will be other people in attendance which can create a good atmosphere for the night. They also take a lot of the hassle out of organising an event, as a meal is often incorporated into the night, and drinks can be easily taken care of! it’s also a good idea as if some of your employees’ commute, or you have multiple offices but you are bringing them together for one evening, having somewhere accessible where they can stay the night will make the process a lot easier!

Where’s The Fun?

It’s Christmas, so there’s got to be an element of fun to your office Christmas party, often this can be as simple as a theme for the evening, or letting your employees getting dressed up for as special night out. Whether you are organising your evening do in a bar or maybe you’re just having it in your office, you could incorporate some fun into the daytime too! This will work especially well if your office party is being held on a Friday night as you could have a Christmas jumper day and some party games to start the fun throughout the day.

Article supplied by Inn on the Square