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On Trend: Vaping Devices Become Hot Fashion Accessories

For nearly a century or so, smoking cigarettes and cigars has been a chic fashion statement – and advertising firms’ tool of subtle seduction and intense coolness.

Just look at all of the vintage photos and silent movie footage, circa 1920’s and 1930’s, of Hollywood and Broadway starlets daintily carrying long, thin cigarette holders between their gloved fingers as soft, puffy plumes of white smoke swirl around them.

In the 1950s and 1960s, there were many male stars who channeled utter coolness when they wore white T-Shirts with a pack of cigarettes rolled in one of the sleeves. Think Henry Winkler when he played character Fonzi in the “Happy Days” TV show, and James Dean – the famous, iconic movie star who simply embodied coolness.

And who can forget that ruggedly handsome, denim-clad cowboy smoking a cigarette in those Marlboro cigarette print ads of the 1970’s and 1980’s? Intentionally or not, the cigarette company was selling a fashion statement, a look … a state of mind, if you will.

Fast-forward to today, when we have vaping as an option to tobacco-smoking products. We are seeing a variety of stars, of various age groups, today vaping in public and showing off an array of amazing-looking vaporizers and related equipment, which have become fashion accessories and hot trends.

There are retailers which deal solely in a vast variety of vaping equipment and e-liquids (aka, vaping juices or e-juices), which is heated inside the vaporizer to produce the vapors to be inhaled.

Here are some of the hippest, coolest-looking items available:

Genuine Smok™ I-Priv Kit, by Smoktech

This one is bold, with an incredibly beautiful avant-garde design that will turn heads every time. Smoktech has some of the most audacious and unique styling in the industry, and this one definitely lives up to the hype. There’s simply nothing like it. And to make it even more of a conversation piece, it’s voice-activated.


Genuine Kanger CUPTI 75W TC Starter Kit (All-in-One) 

Not only is this item easy to handle, it is attractive and compact. It’s not just about the color or luster of the metal of this device. It’s all of that and more.

The body and frame of the Kangertech CUPTI is constructed with high-quality 304-grade stainless steel – so these devices are rust- and corrosion-resistant. The body also features a strong finish, which lessens the likelihood of getting scratched or chipped. And the glossy paint on the top and bottom caps adds some pizzazz. Get this in black, white, red, champagne, or rose gold.

Genuine Vaporesso™ Target PRO 75W TC Full Kit (w/ Ceramic Coil)

Check out the shape and look of these mods! It is reminiscent of an old-school game-console joystick. Like the Kanger CUPTI 75W TC, this mode is rust- and corrosion-resistant. One of the coolest features (and yes, it serves a purpose!) is the top-quality OLED screen that provides all sorts of information. Who says you can’t be stylish while getting informed?

These are available in black, stainless, white, rose gold, and purple.


Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick TC 40W Temp Control Box Mod Kit

This mod is sleek-looking, with its clean lines and ergonomic design. It has an elegance to its appearance.

The Eleaf iStick TC 40W is available in black, stainless, blue, and gun metal grey – colors that go with virtually anything. I highly recommend the gun metal grey. In this color, this mod really makes a fashion statement without being overstated. Think of the gun metal grey as a shinier, sexier yet more subtle neutral color. You could say that gun metal grey is the new black!

VooPoo™ TOO 180W TC Box Mod Starter Kit (w/ Gene Chip)

Want to stand out a bit more? Perhaps the VooPoo™ TOO 180W TC Box Mod Starter Kit (w/ Gene Chip).

This mod has sliding, hinged doors – not the battery door or cover – that are interchangeable. In other words, you can change your mod based on your mood, attitude … and your attire. Nice!

One of the more unique door options features for this mod has a lizard-skin texture. Any style-lover knows that fashion is just as much about a material’s texture as it is about colors and designs.

The look and design of the VooPoo™ TOO 180W TC Box Mod is unapologetically bold. If color and stand-out style is want you want, this mod’s for you!

Genuine Tesla™ Touch Screen 150W TC Box Mod

For the techie-types, the Genuine Tesla™ Touch Screen 150W TC Box Mod may very well be a must-have item. This mod looks a little like a miniature tablet, allowing the user to select the background wallpaper, screen sleep settings, etc. on this easy-to-use device.

The body and its frame is made of a zinc-aluminum alloy, so it has a terrific finish while also being corrosive-resistant. It’s only available in black and stainless. That’s okay, considering all of the different, colorful, patterned wallpaper options that can be put on the touchscreen. The subtle-colored frame will complement the wallpaper nicely.

A reputable, one-stop-shop vaping retailer – such as VaporAuthority.com – is a great place to get quality vaping devices and accessories: e-liquids, super-stylish looking vaporizer and box mods, and all that a fashion-conscious vaper could want.

If at first you don’t find the look that suit you, keep looking. There is something out there to match just about any vaping individual’s taste and personal style.