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Olive Oil Face Cleanse

There are countless ways olive oil can improve our health. Olive oil helps you fight against cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and it can improve your overall health. Not only is great for our health, olive oil is also great if you want to have clear and glowing skin.

So stop using those expensive creams and lotions, because olive oil is the only product you need to have gorgeous skin. Not to mention that all those creams are full with chemicals and olive oil is all natural and rich in vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients. That’s the reason why you should start our olive oil face cleanse treatment. It’s an all-natural face treatment that you can do it in your home and that will make your skin soft and gorgeous. You’ll be amazed by the results.


Olive Oil Face Cleanse

Olive oil is a folk remedy for dry skin used for ages. Olive oil protects, heals, and moisturizes your skin and keeps it glowing and clear. Olive oil contains fatty acids that are necessary for the health of the cells membranes. Fatty acids prevent unnecessary dryness and restore the skins natural moisture.

Here’s how the olive oil face cleanse works:

– The best time to do your olive oil cleanse is before going to bed.

– Put some olive oil in the palms of your hands. Rub your hands together to warm up the oil.

– Start massaging the olive oil into your face. Olive oil will remove dirt, and all other impurities. There’s no need to wash your face before applying the olive oil since the olive oil will remove any dirt or makeup from your face.

– Massage the oil deep into your pores, using slow motions. Focus more on your problem areas.

– After you’re done with the massage, leave the oil on for a few minutes and use that time to relax.

– Take a washcloth and soak it in warm water. Warm water will open your pores and remove the oil.

– Cover your face with the washcloth and leave it on your face until it cools. Gently wipe the oil and then rinse the washcloth well in hot water and put it on your face again. Repeat this 2.3 times. Remember not to scrub your skin with the washcloth because that can cause irritations.

The olive oil face cleanse should be done regularly but not frequently. You can’t get perfect skin overnight and you might need to do a few olive oil cleansings before noticing the results. Don’t give up because the results we’ll be amazing and you’ll get gentle, soft and beautiful skin.

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