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An Old Dog Was Shot 40 Times in Head And Buried Alive, But Luckily She Was Saved In Time

Prepare your tissues, this story is going to touch your heart.

An old dog called Star was shot 40 times in the head and being buried alive to die. Only her nose could be seen through the earth where she was buried. Luckily the animal welfare officers were able to save her in time! They pulled off the dog and the first thing their noticed was her wagging tail!


Despite what she had gone through, Star could still manage to wag her tail to show that she was happy they found her.

Very soon the Star’s former owner – Alfred Vella, was found and charged with animal cruelty. He confessed that he shot Star because she was OLD. Alfred received 3 months prison time and he has been ordered to pay $11,300.

She recovered amazingly quickly and got adopted.

Take a look at the video: