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Off to a Flying Start When Backpacking South East Asia

Backpacking in South East Asia? Well, then you are just on the right page as this article is just perfect and a must read for all those planning a backpacking trip in South East Asia. After all, one should be well aware as to what to expect and how to make the most out of your experience. You should know where you are going to stay and enjoy the best lodging experience well within your budget. Hotels in Bentong are very popular with backpackers as they are very affordable and comfortable.

Here are some basics for backpacking South East Asia

Pack light but seriously – One week’s worth of clothes are enough. Just take a carry-on bag and pack the basic essentials. If planning to go for any mountains, do pack a hoodie and trousers. There is no need to pack sleeping bags or mosquito nets, as you will not need them really. However, always have toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

  • Always have some USD – In case you run out of local currency as the US dollars are readily accepted. Inquire if the place will have an ATM. Although it is easy to find ATMs in most of Southeast Asia, there are some cold spots.
  • Watch out the fares – Do some research before you travel and browse the fares before you arrive as some cabals are known to rip off the tourists. Know how much it should cost by asking locals you meet on the road. Agree on a price before you get in a taxi.
  • Don’t expect things to run on time – In most parts of Southeast Asia, everything runs late. People don’t care much about time and are used to getting late or arriving late. It is a different way of thinking than do in the western world.
  • Excellent value for money in hostels and hotels– Hostels can save a lot of money for backpackers. However, some hostels and hotels attract a crowd and are welcoming to all ages. Colmar Tropicale is one of them and offers great value for money too. Look for the best budget options.
  • Put away the phone – This is your chance to experience a trip of a life time. So, just forget about your phone and absorb the sceneries and experiences around you. Make your trip offline, and you will discover life is so much more fun. It’s best to stick to the occasional WiFi. However, cheap internet data is easily available.
  • Eat on the streets– Don’t be afraid of street food, it is fresh and cheap. So, you get to taste not just the local delicacies but get to know the local culture too, and one should prefer to eat where the locals do. However, stick to bottled water as the local water is not safe to drink.
  • Respect the locals and the culture – It helps when you are aware of local norms and behave as per the customs and the culture. Going against the expectation of the people won’t be appreciated, and one should be careful especially when around temples and holy sites.
  • Learn something new and exciting – Backpacking in Southeast Asia offers one load of opportunities to get new experiences and learn new things. For example, you could learn Asian cooking or go for travel photography. You can also learn surfing, or scuba diving or rock climbing.
  • Watch out for scammers and snatchers – Be careful about your money, mobiles, and handbags. Snatchers can grab whatever is in your hand, and it would be too late before you release what has happened. Don’t get scammed by the taxi drivers or on your accommodation.

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