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Ocean Hair –The New Hair Trend That’s Making Waves on Instagram

Love the sea? Well, you should definitely try the new hair trend that’s taking over Instagram. It’s called ocean hair and it literally looks like there’s beach waves in your hair.

Ocean hair isn’t a simple blue hair look. Stylists use many shades of blue, such as turquoise, cobalt, teal and hints of green to create the perfect ways and not end up looking like a Smurf. All those shades mixed together create movement and depth that mimic the ocean, a look so unique that you’ll definitely turn heads.
Brittany Holland, California-based colorist, recently posed a picture of an ocean hair she created.

“My client and I both share a love for ocean and the beach so I wanted to create something she would enjoy and she could almost get lost in while stuck in our desert town,” she says.

Getting this look takes about 4 hours. Holland first bleaches the client’s hair to create the perfect canvas and then adds the shades of blue and green.

“I never apply a color straight from the tube,” says Holland.

Kasey O’Hara, a hair stylist from Rockville, Maryland also created the most perfect ocean hair. She explains that the shade is great for each skin tone. Another great thing about ocean hair is that it lasts. To make sure that your hair stays bright, wash it with cold water and use a heat protectant when styling it.