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NotForgotten Digital Time Capsule Makes for Unique Holiday Gift

It’s the most wonderful, err, stressful time of the year! Holiday shopping can be extremely troublesome because it’s impossible to know what your aunt, co-worker, sister and grandpa might want all at once.

Christmas is a prominent holiday with shoppers spending over $1 trillion in the United States and shoppers in the UK spending over £2 billion. Clothing and accessories accounts for 61% of holiday purchases made by adults. A recent study found that that the average lifespan of a garment was 5.4 years but was only actively worn for a period of 4 years. People are spending their money on gifting short-lived items every holiday season, but what if there was a timeless and rare gift to live on for future generations? That would surely leave more of an impact and deliver more joy than any plain t-shirt would. Consider, NotForgotten’s digital time capsule – the gift of immortalizing one’s life for centuries to come.

According to a Northwestern University psychology professor, our brains have the capacity to store up to 2.5 petabytes of data which equates to three million hours of TV shows. Every day we store new experiences and learned lessons in our brain. Yet, Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve shows that people forget 90% of what they’ve learned in one month. Every person has a special story, and no one wants to be forgotten, especially after they’re gone. There’s even a whole phobia, athazagoraphobia, dedicated to the fear of being forgotten. With NotForgotten, people can tell their life story first-hand and offer life advice for their future family members.

NotForgotten enables users to capture stories, significant life events and journal them through an app interface. A video can be easily made through a smartphone and perhaps using a script of suggested topics, such as the most impactful events in their lives. NotForgotten edits the video, for up to 30 minutes long. Inspirational templates and a stunning video platform ensure every record looks professional and beautiful, and time capsules can be delivered in a luxury folder with pages including a family tree scrapbook, will bequeath cards, and a ‘notforgotten’ certificate.

The videos are stored in two locations: on the cloud and in a physical form, on a tape in a secure, climate-controlled facility and leading data storage company in Tennessee. Time capsules are available in 50, 150, and 300-year storage options, and the technology behind the app is designed for ease-of-use and is regularly updated so users can enjoy a seamless record-creating experience, without any gimmicks or security risks. A NotForgotten Video Time Capsule can be purchased for $69 To $149, depending on how long the video will be preserved. It’s the gift that keeps giving to future generations!

“We created NotForgotten with the aim to help people capture their stories and keep them preserved for hundreds of years,” says Adrienne Liebenberg, Co-Founder of NotForgotten. “Whether it’s the big experiences, the little lessons, the secret to happiness, or the advice your parents gave you, we wanted to find an easy way to save stories so generations of family can access and enjoy them for centuries to come.”

The holiday season can be stressful and nerve-wrecking with the pressure of finding the perfect gift.  In fact, 31% of Americans describe the holiday season as “frantic” and three out of four consumers are plagued with holiday gift-giving stress. This jolly season, everyone can focus on celebrating life, because the gifts are already taken care of. Ensure your loved ones are never forgotten with this time capsule and give the gift that’ll keep everyone talking for centuries!