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Not So Shocking Revelation: Study Shows People Love Dogs More Than They Love Other People

Are you a dog lover? We at Women Daily Magazine sure are and we also know a bunch of people that are crazy about dogs. Pets are family and losing one is truly a nightmare.

Did you know that many pet owners would give their lives to save their dogs? Dogs would do the same for their owners too.

One research done at the Northeastern University Brudnick Center On Violence and Conflict in Boston confirms the special love between owners and their dogs.The special bond has been scientifically proven and the result showed that the relationship between a human and a dog is stronger that the relationship between people.

The research was conducted among 240 participants, aged 18-25. The research involved showing empathy towards a baby, an adult and their pet. Is it shocking that dogs and babies drew more empathy than adults?

Arnold Arluke and Jack Levin, co-authors of the research, were a bit surprised by the findings.

The results were very clear: a puppy and a toddler triggered more sympathy than an adult. Why? The answer is quiet simple. It’s because children and animals are innocent, also they are dependent and helpless. They can protect themselves, so that’s why we are more inclined to them.

Researchers note that this empathy would apply to every other animal, including kittens, rabbits and other small cute animals.