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Do Not Make These Mistakes While Hiring A Painting Contractor

Painting a house is a task that many people undertake themselves. However, for a professional finish it is advisable to hire the services of a painting contractor. A painting contractor will ensure that the house is painted perfectly. But many people while hiring a painting contractor make the following mistakes.

Go through the points below as it will help you in not making these common mistakes:

1. The first mistake that most people do is to never ask for insurance or if they do ask then they do not check if the contractor has a valid one or not, they take the contractor’s word for the truth. However, it is essential to check the insurance documents. The contractor should have Comprehensive business liability and Workmen’s compensation. The contractor should be carrying a cover of a million dollars in comprehensive business liability. Most contractors prefer to work without a Workmen’s compensation as it is a very costly insurance. If the contractor does not have this insurance do not award the contract. This insurance will protect you from any liability if an accident occurs to the workers in your property, so this is very important. Some contractors will pass of old insurance policies as valid ones, if you doubt the authenticity of the insurance you should contact the carrier and check the validity.

2. The most common mistake that people make while hiring an interior painting contractor NYC is to not ask if the employees are trustworthy. There have been many cases of employees of contractors decamping with cash and jewellery from homes where they were working. Many contractors do not even do background checks to see if the employee has any criminal background. If the contractor says that his employees have been working with him for many years, then ask for proof. Look at their salary slips etc., to confirm; after all you will be giving the full access to your home.

3. Another mistake is to not check if the painting contractor uses sub-contractors. If the contractor uses sub-contractors then chances are that they are hired because they charge low fees. With low fees comes low quality. Sub-contractors tend to cut corners and try to finish a job as fast as they can because they are paid per job rather than hourly. Sub-contractors may not have insurance and this could mean higher risks for you. Also the sub-contractor and his crew may not have been subjected to background checks. So it is important to ask the contractor if he hires sub-contractors and if so it is advisable to avoid such contractors.

4. One of the biggest mistakes that we do is to never ask the contractor what materials he would use. Once the contract has been given we feel that as professionals they would do their job. But it is essential to ask the contractor what material would be used before handing the contract. It is essential to opt for quality paint as it will last long and they will not be harmful as well. Cheap paints tend to be of low quality and they let off smelly fumes too.

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