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The New Clothing Trend: Modest Clothing

The atmosphere around women’s clothing is changing and many may not be ready for the new styles. Of course, there are those that have been waiting a very long time to see this change and welcome it with open arms. The new trend is really nothing new, but it is getting the attention of designers that are finally listening. What is the new trend?


The trend you will find is that most women prefer to wear modest clothing. What does this mean? Well, women have not had many choices in the past as they had to purchase what they found at local stores or make their own clothing. But with the invention of the internet, women have been introduced to new clothing that allows them to dress modestly and still be stylish.

Whether it is due to one’s faith or just their own desire to wear clothing that is not revealing has been around for centuries. However, designers, often men want women to show as much skin as possible. This left out most women that do not want to show off their bodies but want to be recognized for their attributes that are not large breasts, long legs, and an hour glass figure. Women even though they have been fighting for years to be recognized as equals with men, the way they dress often places them in awkward positions. If the only clothing you can find in the stores is clothing that fits tight, shows cleavage, or is so short you can move without revealing more than you desire, then you cannot truly compete in a man’s world.

It is truly difficult to make a good first impression when you have more skin showing as this is the first thing that will be noticed. When you wear modest dresses, you will finally be seen as an intelligent, knowledgeable, and even possibly an equal. Trying to get ahead by showing off cleavage will only put in the wrong category and you will never find yourself in a better position.

In the past, many women thought that was the only way to get ahead. Today, the trend is not the same and you can actually thank the 60’s generation for the change. Even though they wore what they wanted, many knew that women were uncomfortable in the clothing of the day and one of the main reasons they burned their bras.

Why the change? Modest clothing has been around in churches and other religious organizations, so you cannot really say it is a new thing. On the other hand, it is just now being seen by designers that are working hard to get on the wagon and create new designs that women really want to wear. This means that at this time, you will still need to go online as the local stores still have their eyes on Hollywood and what the stars wear to stock their inventory. By choosing to shop online, you are giving yourself several new options for finding clothing that will give them confidence and self-esteem without showing cleavage.