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What You Need To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

All weddings are special, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make yours even more extraordinary. Weddings are a lot of work, and it’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla of all the planning and preparations. It’s important not to forget about why you’re getting married and your shared love you’ll be celebrating.

Besides you two, there are a few other items that will make your wedding day extra special. Focus on a few important details, and you should be all set to have the perfect celebration. Be glad that you have someone who you love to share and spend the rest of your life with.

Spend Quality Time before the Wedding

The weeks and days leading up to the wedding will be crazy. Your wedding is going to be that much more amazing if you’re feeling connected to your fiancé. Do this by making quality time for each other leading up to the big day. Although you’ll be tempted to keep sorting through the details, set aside time to connect and be together. You won’t regret having these special moments to remember forever. It’ll also make your wedding day feel even more joyful.

Have Breathtaking Views

The venue is critical to having a wedding day to remember. Go somewhere extremely special like one of the wedding venues in Northumberland that has sweeping lawns, beautiful gardens, romantic rooms and every luxury you could hope for. Get married outside on the lawns and be swept away by the views and scenery. This would definitely make your wedding one for the record books and a celebration that guests would remember forever.

Write your Own Vows

Express your love for each other by exchanging vows that are written from the heart. Nothing can replace the authentic language of love that would be witnessed if you wrote your own vows. Take your time and be sure to include all you feel is necessary for being said on your wedding day. Write them down if you have to and practice ahead of time, so you’re less nervous on the day you’ll be reading them. This will be a beautiful memory that will never be forgotten.

People you Love Surrounding you

Your wedding day isn’t only about you two, but also your guests who traveled near and far to witness your ceremony. It’s not worth inviting people who haven’t supported or been there for you. Focus on all of the guests who are happy for you two and who’ve been there for you over the years. You want your day to be a celebration of love and happiness and not be worried about having people there who don’t have your best interest.


It’s up to you to make your wedding day better than you could ever imagine. Take charge and make those additional tweaks that will make it extra special. Then be sure to have fun and take it all in on your wedding day.