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Natural Remedies – Treatment With Shilajit

Many know little about Shilajit. Most sources are limited to a brief reference stating that it is a “biologically active resin product of natural origin, which oozes from cracks in the rocks and contains various organic substances and microelements, used in the natural  ethnic therapies.

Shilajit was actually well known in the ancient times. It was utilized in multiple regions of the world. The ancient philosopher Aristotle and the genius Leonardo Da Vinci both acknowledged Shilajit, which they knew under different names. As witnessed by the antiquity medical scientist Avicenna: “Shilajit infuses power into and old heart, rejuvenates skin and rids of excess blood thickness”  


There are multiple hypothesis on origin of  Shilajit. Some claim that Shilajit is the fossilized honey of wild bees, other believe that it is a mineral product made out of alkalized organic substances of unknown origin.

Pure Shilajit is formed under the influence of complex factors. The first factor is the mineral content of  the surrounding mountain rocks and the sun radiation level. Under the influence of Sun radiation Shilajit becomes “live”. The second factor is the time, during which Shilajit was forming in the mountains. The microbiological transformation / maturation of Shilajit is influence by these two factors. The third factor is the correct method of Shilajit purification and storage. While purifying Shilajit one must be extremely careful, because overheating of Shilajit neutralizes biologically active substances in Shilajit.


The best way to store Shilajit is as resin in an airtight container or as a 30-35% water solution, which can also serve as a use ready ointment. Solutions with Shilajit concentration less then 30% are best to be used immediately after being prepared.

Shilajit should not be stored at temperatures higher then 102.2F. – higher temperatures may lead to loss of healing properties. This is why Shilajit should not be dissolved in hot water. Shilajit should also not be dissolved or treated with any forms of alcohol (ethanol, methanol, butanol, propanol, etc.) – it destroys multiple active substances in Shilajit.


Shilajit falls into a class of super adaptogens and greatly exceeds multiple super foods.

Its resin activates the mineral metabolism in a body, under the influence of Shilajit there is an increase of calcium and potassium salts and phosphorous in blood, which all are important building elements of bone tissue. Under the influence of Shilajit there is an increase of red blood cells and hemoglobin content in blood, this improves the blood supply of the damaged tissues and has an overall stimulating effect on the body.

It also rids of rheumatic processes, opens blockages, alleviates mineral disbalances, enhances productivity of sexual glands, dissolves tumors.

Besides that, Shilajit positively affects the processes of nervous activity. It rids of boils and pimples and increases bile expelling. It is very efficient for the diseases, predicated by hardening of blood vessels and is successfully used for treatment of dilated veins and trombophlebitis. There are cases when Shilajit was successfully used to treat asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, edema and urolithiasis.

Shilajit became especially important as a regenerator of bone tissue and as an antiseptic. Special experiments did show that Shilajit takes away the histamine abnormalities of capillaries permeability. It treats ear deceases, gums, liver, heart, and has a favorable effect on a range of important vital properties of a human body: survivability and increase of an average lifespan. It is beneficial to include Shilajit in an overall treatment plan for acute leukemia.

Rubbing in Shilajit has therapeutic effect on conditions of peripheral nervous system, radiculitis’, neurodermatitis, face and trigeminal nerves.

But ingesting Shilajit directly effects esophagus and stomach walls and the whole body overall. It notifies, stimulates the immune system and regenerative processes.  Using Shilajit in small reasonable doses does not have counter-indications and contributes to regaining of the lost energy in a human body.

Speaking of possible side effects, they are benign and can manifest in a following ways. Teeth may darken due to Shilajit permeating the tooth enamel. This only happens when Shilajit is not properly taken dissolved in water, but rather is sucked and kept for prolonged periods of time in a mouth. If Shilajit is taken excessively for very long periods of time it may cause light brown spots on skin. In such case it is simply a good idea to diminish a dose or take a break for a little while.

Depending on a condition, which Shilajit is taken for it is taken dissolved in water, used as an ointment or as compress applications. The time of taking Shilajit is also important. It is a good idea to take it early in the morning upon waking up or in the evening about 2-3 hours after eating. Generally Shilajit can be taken any time during the day, but it is more beneficial to take it prior to eating.

If Shilajit is applied externally, as an ointment or compress applications made out of a solution it is better to do it in the evening, before going to sleep. Prior to using a Shilajit ointment it is a good idea to cover hands with oil, so that the resin would not stick to them.