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Natural Mama: 4 Better-For-Baby Products Every Family Needs

From almost the moment they’re born, our children are inundated with artificial materials and chemicals. Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate crystals that make them absorptive, cheap plastic bottles may contain BPA, and the onslaught only increases as they grow. If, however, you’re committed to raising your child surrounded by only natural products, all hope is not lost. Though you’ll have to be highly intentional about your purchases, there’s a wide range of natural baby products available today, and these 4 mom-approved items can help give your child a healthy start.

Choosing Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and most parents decide whether they plan to commit to the practice before their child is born. If you’re considering using cloth diapers, check to see if you have any friends who have used cloth diapers in the past and what brands and styles they’ve had luck with. They may even have some they can loan you so you can try different styles before investing in a particular type, as cloth diapers can be expensive.

Better Baby Clothes

Have you ever stopped to consider what your clothing is made of? If not, you might be shocked to realize that natural materials are often soaked with pesticides, while much of the rest is made from synthetic fibers – and none of which you would want to put on your new baby’s sensitive skin. With that in mind, look for organic baby clothes, as well as bedding. This can help prevent rashes and other allergic reactions and prevent your baby’s tiny, developing system from absorbing an assortment of dangerous chemicals.

BPA-Free Baby Dishware

If you’ve been tuned into the news over the last few years, you’ve probably heard at least a little about BPA, a chemical commonly used to harden plastic, and pediatricians are widely in agreement that infants shouldn’t use bottles made with BPA. This is easy enough to avoid – most major brands advertise that they’re BPA-free. As your child begins to transition to solid food, though, it can be harder to find safe but childproof options. However, quality silicone dishware like AEGI’s suction-equipped line can bridge the gap. By suctioning to your child’s highchair or the table, these bowls and plates are less likely to land on the floor, but they won’t break even if they do – no BPA needed.

Back To Basics Toys

If you go into any toy store, you’ll see that almost every toy is made of plastic. Many are noisy and light up, and few foster creative play. Luckily, if you’re looking to go back to basics, there are plenty of small, natural toy companies there to support you. Swap out cheap plastics for sustainably made wood blocks and plastic dolls for traditional cloth ones. There’s also a growing variety of sustainably made, BPA-free plastic toys.

For families committed to leading a natural lifestyle and protecting their children from harmful materials, there are so many more options than just a few years ago. The reality is, parents have gotten tired of handing their children plastic junk that will just break and wind up in the landfill. They want something better, and natural products are at the heart of that philosophy.