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Natural Butt Enhancing Supplements VS Surgical Buttocks Augmentation Procedures?

Do natural butt enhancement pills and creams really work to give you a fuller, bigger butt? Or is a drastic surgical procedure the only way to bigger buttocks.

It’s no secret that women desire a fuller, sexier, and voluptuous bum.  Sadly we aren’t all blessed with genetics that give us a naturally big butt. As a result of our need for those luscious curves, many times we find ourselves searching for ways to enhance our natural butt size.  Within these searches, we quickly run into two mainstream methods. One is the natural alternative to surgery, through plant based butt enhancement pills and creams. The other method is the more extreme method, through buttocks augmentation surgery also known as fat transfer.

Let’s compare the two methods to achieving a fuller, larger butt. We will compare the benefits and downfalls of each method.

Closeup image of female body with plastic container at gym

Buttocks Augmentation by Fat Transfer also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift:

A Brazilian butt lift surgery requires the removal of fat through liposuction from another part of the body, in order to transfer it to the buttocks. Since most women struggle with excess fat in certain body areas this procedure will help eliminate fat in unwanted areas.


Safer and lower risk of infection when compared to butt implants. Prior to fat transfer procedures, surgeons used silicone buttocks implants, which had a high risk of rejection or infection.

A fast surgical procedure when compared to most cosmetics surgeries. A typical butt augmentation surgery can take between 2-4 hours with results being visible immediately following the procedure.

Completely natural look and feel, because your own fat is used. Much more so than the results when compared to silicone implants.


The greatest downside of fat transfer to the butt is that the body will reabsorb 50–70% of the fat that is transferred. Because everyone’s body will reabsorb the fat differently and at a different rate, your surgeon cannot guarantee final results. You can expect the projection of the buttocks to decrease over time, and see your final results a year following the procedure.

Natural Butt Enhancement Pills and Creams:

Unlike surgery, butt enlargement supplement pills allow you to have full control of your results. Be sure, when choosing a butt-enhancing supplement and cream that it uses only all-natural plant based ingredients.


Butt enlargement pills and creams deliver by far the most natural looking and feeling results. Since both the cream and pills work at enhancing and improving your natural curves, results will always look and feel 100% natural.

Not all glute enhancement products are natural. For best results, it is important to go with a reputable product that is composed of only natural ingredients that have been proven to work and give you long lasting results. One company that specializes in glute enhancement using only natural plant based ingredients in their butt enhancement pills and creams, and offer a money back guarantee is BootyMaxx in Los Angeles. They sell their supplements and creams in health food stores, as well as directly from their website, www.bootymaxx.com For toned curves, you can use Booty Maxx creams for 2-3 months.  For a large fuller butt, you can use both the cream and pills for 4-6 months.

Many butt enhancement creams not only work at increasing your butt size, they also improve the shape of your bum giving you a toned, firm and fuller booty all while eliminating unwanted cellulite and stretch marks. Use the cream until you achieve your desired results.


Results are not immediately visible. When using both the cream and pills you can expect to see a change in your bum size and shape within 2-3 weeks. However, if you are looking to achieve a much larger and sexier butt size you will able to get the full effect of your larger, fuller butt after 4-6 months of continued use.

Both butt enhancement pills and cream will require some effort.  You will have to use the products daily until you achieve your desired results. The more consistent you are with using the products for the first two months the faster you will be able to see your booty grow and become much fuller.

When comparing the benefits and downfalls of natural glute enhancement creams and pills to a buttocks augmentation surgical procedure, it’s not difficult to see that using natural products to increase your butt size is, by far, the best option. Natural butt enhancement products are able to deliver the same natural results as a brazilian butt augmentation surgery, without the health comprising side effects that come with a surgical procedure.