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Nancy Etz Discusses How To Successfully Prepare for College at Home

It’s never too early to start preparing your child for college! The sooner you start, the better prepared they’ll be. To help get you started on this journey, we’ve gathered a list of tips and tricks, that will be useful throughout their high school years. In addition to reading through them, feel free to download our checklist so that you can keep track of all the things they need in order to prepare for college.

Talk about what it means to Go Away from Home

Talk about how hard it is going away from home for the first time, but also what a good experience it can be as long as they are prepared with everything they need beforehand! It’s important to talk about how you should start encouraging them financially very early on in their high-school career. Many students either don’t save enough money or racking up credit card debt which turns into massive amounts of interest over four years! Finally, make sure they know exactly what documents and necessities they need before starting at university including tuition documentation, health records, etc.

Make sure they have a Plan for Living Expenses

Discuss what they will need in terms of money for food, gas/transportation, their cell phone bill, etc., so that there are no surprises when it comes to having enough cash on hand! It’s also important to discuss how much things will cost them every month to understand budgeting better. Finally, discuss fun ways the student can spend their weekends, whether going out with friends or staying home watching movies with family – just make sure you know where they are if they plan on being somewhere other than school! This is an extremely difficult time in life, but hopefully, these tips were able to help ease some stress during the process!

Discuss the Time needed Outside of Class

Talk about how important it is to have a time management schedule so that work and play don’t get out of hand! Talk about the need for a good night’s sleep every night to stay energized throughout their day at school – tell them you will be sending an alarm clock with them when they leave home just in case they forget yours or want one from another room instead. In addition, talk about what foods are best for staying focused during long study sessions and discussing if there is any technology (iPads/laptops) that might make focusing on homework easier while away from home. Finally, discuss whether or not your child would like some space after dinner before doing more academic things such as homework or studying – if not, then plan some fun time with them after dinner to help lift their spirits!

When they go away to school, make sure you still feel like a parent and are involved in their life. Make sure your child knows that even though you might be busy with work (or whatever else is going on), you will always find the time for important things such as checking up on how they’re doing at college or what classes they have next week, etc. Finally, don’t forget about yourself either because this may be an extremely difficult experience for both of you but try setting aside one hour every night where it’s just mommy/daddy & son/daughter so that no matter what happened during the day before, there is at

Let them know about Scholarships

Be sure to discuss what universities they want to apply for, which ones might give them a better financial deal if chosen. Discuss with your child why some schools are more expensive than others and whether or not there is any way around it (scholarships/financial aid). Make sure they know how important it is to look at their potential future income after college so that they can make the best decision possible about where they go! College has become very competitive these days. So, do whatever you can now to get your student into one of the top-prestigious programs out there because this will surely help with job opportunities later on down the road – good luck!

Looking for financial help together is a great step to prep for college. Scholarships like the Nancy Etz scholarship and financial aid are great resources for students and their parents. Discuss with them which schools offer the best programs, affordability, and environment for your child’s success long term after graduation!

Be involved in their academics

Talk to your child about how they are spending their time at school and what is most important. Discuss with them if there is anything you can do from home to help support their studies – maybe this means writing up some study guides, researching on the internet, or even just helping create a detailed schedule for when they need to be studying vs. taking breaks, etc. Finally, let them know that it’s okay not to love every class they take because sometimes classes/subjects aren’t meant for everyone but remind them why college is so important for future success!

As always, make sure your student knows that before making any big decisions (such as choosing majors), still talk things out together first to see if these choices are the right ones for them. Even though this is their journey, you’re still there to help guide them along if they get lost or confused!

Don’t forget about your child’s plans either because both parents and students must be on the same page with everything during all of these school years, so talk early and often talk to make sure everyone has each other’s backs when times get tough.

One of the most important things to do as a parent is to make sure your child understands their strengths and weaknesses. The best way to help them succeed in college, high school, or life may differ for each person, depending on how they learn best. When you understand what learning style makes sense for your student, it can change everything.