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Must-Have Tools for Your Home Computer

When using a computer is a part of your everyday life, you’ll want to make sure that this experience remains as smooth and trouble-free as possible, especially if you store any sensitive data on the machine or do important work on it. There are certain tools that are pretty much a must-have on every computer you use on a regular basis, and even though you’ll rarely need to use some of them, it’s always good to have them around in case something goes wrong.

Malware Protection

It’s becoming more and more important to keep viruses at bay nowadays, and that goes double for those with critical data on their computers. A modern virus can do much worse than to wipe your hard drive – you can expect to see your data encrypted and held hostage for a ransom, or even someone spying on your private communications. Malware has been known to use up your system resources to mine cryptocurrency in a covert manner, too. If you’re using the latest version of Windows, you should already have a good degree of protection built in. But it can’t hurt to get something like Malwarebytes on top of that, to make sure that everything is as secure as possible.


You should make it a point to keep your data securely backed up, preferably in several different places. There are various free tools that can help you with that out there, and you should additionally look into something like Burn World if you need an easy solution for actually transferring those backups to some physical media for long-term storage. It’s a good idea to be thorough here and avoid cutting corners, as this is an investment into your long-term security that will matter quite a lot, just in case something happens to your data.


Last but certainly not least, various tools on the modern market can make it a little bit easier to use your computer and get things done as quickly as possible. Tools like Launchy can help you start your favorite applications more easily if you have fast fingers, for example. Another one you should consider is f.lux, especially if you work on your computer late in the evening. This can be a game-changer for people with persistent eye problems, and even though it can take a while to get used to the yellow tint that will cover your screen, the long-term benefits will be more than worth it, and you’ll be able to fall asleep much more easily.

Don’t just stick to what you have by default when you get your computer. Look around, there are numerous opportunities to improve your experience with it and ensure that you waste as little time and effort as possible to get the important things done. And once you’re used to those applications, you won’t even know that they’re there most of the time – the only downside is that it might feel a little awkward when you need to use someone else’s computer that doesn’t have all of these applications installed, as it could feel a little slow.

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