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Must-Have Blanket This Summer: New Outdoor Blanket Collection by ChappyWrap and Boathouse Sports

Recently, it seems like every brand is expanding into a new category. One area that seems to be especially popular is the home and accessories category, specifically blankets. There are new collections launching daily with features that help with anxiety and sleep disorders to capsules that are designed for mothers-to-be or event made out of plastic. If you need it, the chances are it is out there!

One collection that I recently found out about is designed specifically for the outdoors. It was a collaboration between two similar, yet very different, brands: performance apparel company, Boathouse Sports, and legacy blanket brand, ChappyWrap.

This is the first-ever blanket collection Boathouse Sports has designed, so naturally partnering with a brand with the experience that ChappyWrap has, was one that sparked some interest. ChappyWrap has built a reputation for high-quality blankets, and Boathouse has done the same for performance apparel and working with professional athletes. It is like the two were meant to be.

What makes this so unique to us?

Featuring four outdoor blanket designs, the collection offers a thoughtful design with a hybrid of water-resistant and comfortable materials. One side of the blanket is made with Boathouse’s Supplex® outdoor fabric and the other side offers a soft, cozy fabric made by ChappyWrap. You can stay dry while sitting on that grass while also snuggling up on the other side.

The collection seems to have every type of outdoor activity covered from boating and camping to picnics in the park or watching the kids play soccer on the field, which makes this one of our must have items for outdoor activities this summer. Each blanket in the collection is available at www.ChappyWrap.com for $115.

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