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We have entered a new decade this year, and so far experienced enough to fill an entire decade. Our lives were suddenly put on a standstill, although this pause in our lives benefited our inner self through meaningful connections. Then we have the opportunity to finally start our journey to a healthier life.

The new decade has brought about new trends. However, even before this year, experts already have predictions about beauty and health. So what do we expect for this year and the years to come on health and beauty?

Health And Beauty Trends For The New Decade

Holistic Health

The holistic health approach has been sought upon in ancient times. But as new inventions, people became focused on curative and specialized medicine. Over the past few years, though, holistic health has crept back to people’s awareness. The campaign for mental health awareness increased the promotion of holistic health as well. The balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind gave birth to the importance of overall health.

What is Holistic Health

Holistic health is a method that promotes a balance of wellness in mind, body, and soul. This approach focuses on the person as a whole and the relationship of external factors to one’s health. In MummyJene.com health articles category, I’ve shared tips on how to achieve holistic health.

Why Is Holistic Health A Trend?

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 90% of annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. This means that lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and types of cancers have adverse impacts on the economy and family finances. Thus, many individuals are now approaching life with holistic health to prevent lifestyle diseases. Health programs have also shifted in the promotion and information drive about a healthy lifestyle.

Green Beauty

Global warming has contributed to the revolutionary development of the beauty industry. Many companies committed to cut on carbon emission by changing packaging and adopting sustainable ingredients. This is the reason why it was dubbed as green beauty.

Beauty tips on adopting eco-friendly skin regimen

Read the label: Avoid beauty products with sodium lauryl, petroleum, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. These ingredients have been found by experts to cause health-related problems.

Choose sustainable packaging: Packaging’s of beauty products are usually made from non-biodegradable plastic. So instead, choose products that are packaged in sustainable or recyclable materials. You can also go less plastic by choosing bigger packaging.

Shift to organic products: Gone are the days when natural products are created in the homes of our friends. Many companies with elaborate laboratories are now in the market offering organic beauty products. Opt for organic products that fit your skincare regimen.

Create your DIY skin products: Our kitchen can become a laboratory for organic skincare products. Do-it-yourself skin treatment such as scrub and face masks can be created using our usual kitchen staples.

Go minimalist

The best way to achieve green beauty is to go minimalist. Simplify your skincare routine and buy fewer products. If you are confident in your ability to fully adopt green beauty, you can try the make-up free lifestyle. Achieving holistic health and green beauty is a process. And the best way to start is by going slow. Start by learning and then adapting to change bit by bit. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed, and you can stay committed.