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Why Too Much Sitting is a Bad Thing

Did you know that if you sit too much, the shape and health of your butt will change? The butt is known to help with pelvic stability, hip movement, and the rotation of your pelvis; however, sitting for extended periods of time can prevent the butt from doing its job.

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to never sit. Whether you are binge watching Netflix, playing on your phone, reading your Kindle, or working on your laptop, odds are you sit quite often. As a result, your body suffers unless you take Lumber support for you.

When sitting, your hip flexors begin to tighten, which in turn can make your butt appear flatter. If pop culture has taught society anything, it is that flat butts are not the thing. All jokes aside, your butt muscles will lose their mass and become saggy. Not only will your butt look flatter, but you will also lose collagen and develop cellulite. In addition, the pressure placed on your hip flexors from sitting can cause lower back pain, and if not treated or cared for, the pain can spread into your knees and ankles. This can also lead to critical health damage.

Effects of too much sitting

So let’s talk about some real problems what you will face for a long time sitting on your chair.

  1. You are hurting your heart: When you are sitting in a chair or sofa for a long time I hope you felt something in your chest. Yes! When you are sitting down, a pressure is creating on your heart. It will lead to a long time pain or other critical disease. That’s why doctors and consulters tell us to stand up and run for a long time. If we run our heart will be moving and shaking around its whole vibrating area. But if we sit for a long time our heart doesn’t get enough space for vibrating. This will lead to heart damage and so on.
  2. You are shortening your own life: This sounds rude! Doesn’t it? Yeah, I know. But it is true that you are shortening your own life by sitting too much on chairs or sofa. This is a silent killer. So there is no medication for this particular problem. What you have to do is taking regular exercise seriously. If not, you will make your life even shorter. I will recommend you to attend to a gym for your health development.
  3. Affecting by dementia: An idle brain is devil’s workshop. If you have nothing to do, you sit on your chair, doing nothing, thinking about some indefinite things. This is killing your brain slowly. The ultimate result is going to be dementia. Dementia is one kind of disease when the patient can’t remember a particular thing or topic. It makes him angry all the time. This problem can be created by sitting for a long time. So my suggestion will be taking break after a working by sitting for a long time. Whenever you get leisure time, do something physically. If you are too much tired don’t just sit down. My recommendation is going to bed for this situation.
  4. Going to be a diabetic patient: You heard it right. The long time you are going to sit, the more risks you are going to become diabetic. It is not a disease, it is just a symptom. But just a symptom can create a lot of damage. You have to take insulin regularly and your food habit will change. Bad news for sweet lovers; sweet is completely prohibited for diabetic patient.
  5. Deep Vain Thrombosis (DVT) could happen: This is a clot that generally happens in the vain of your leg. This could happen if you sit for a very long time. Sitting for a huge period of time is very bad habit. This deep vain thrombosis can be serious sometimes and you will feel pain and swelling. If the clot breaks and somehow lodges your lung, it might be a serious case. But most of the people don’t have any symptom for this problem. So be aware of it.
  6. You are going to get a huge weight: When maintaining weight is the dream of some people, here you will get unexpected fat and weight if you sit on your chair, couch, sofa and desk chair. This will not only hamper the body figure but also will make you unhealthy. These types of fats are slow creating. So burning them off is very difficult if they form. So you have to maintain your body fitness. Never sit for a long time. You will lose your health and will get fatigue from everything.
  7. You are wreaking your back: The more you are going to sit on your chair the more your back will fall gradually. You will feel a lot of pain in your back. This pain is never going to stop. It will occur very often. So you have to keep some things in your mind. Back support is important. So use back support cushion for office chair. Also use car seat back support. An ideal back pillow will also help you to get rid from this problem.
  8. One step closer to cancer: You are at high risk of cancer if you sit for a long time. Colon, lung and endometrial cancers are most common among people who sit much than others. For women, breast cancer is very common among the lazy women. Cancer is now one of the most dangerous diseases. No specific cure and medication is prepared for cancer. So you have be more conscious about avoiding more sitting.
How to prevent this problem

If you have a job sitting at a desk all day, or if you’re going to be sitting for a while, there are some things you can do to help prevent the effects mentioned above. For example, push your chair in as close as you can to your desk, keep your feet firmly planted flat on the ground, and practice good posture. Also keep your shoulder straight, head level over your spine. Your arms should be at 70 to 90 degree with your elbow. Knees and hips should be kept in a level. At last, spread your feet as flat as you can. If you can not reach the ground, utilize the footrest you have got.

In other words, place yourself in a position in which you do not have to reach or strain yourself too much. Also my recommendation will be walking tall. It will keep all of your body parts straight. It is the best posture and also a good exercise as well.

If good posture is difficult or uncomfortable to maintain, there are many products you can use for assistance. These products will help you to have a sound and healthy sitting experience. It will not hamper anything to your health and will keep you safe from all of these critical problems.

Recommended solution

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