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How Much Food Should You Eat Throughout The Day

The modern lifestyle we lead has only brought us unhealthy eating habits. You don’t have to eat healthy only to lose weight- you need to start eating healthy to be healthy and vital. Do you know how much food you have to eat at each meal? The simplest way to measure how much food you need is to spread your hand and follow this essential guide:


1. Bring both hands together as if you’re filling water in them. Instead of filling water, measure how much veggies fit between your hands. That’s how much veggies you need in one day.

2. Make a fist. See how big is the area of your twisted fingers. That’s how much carbs (bread, rice, pasta, cereals) you need to eat in one day.

3. The size of your palm, without your fingers indicates the size of the meat you need to eat in one day.

4. Tight fist equals the amount of fruits you need throughout the day.

5. To measure how much cheese you need throughout the day, measure your index and middle fingers. That’s how much cheese you should slice.

6. The tip of your index finger is the amount of butter you can eat.

Keep in mind the daily portions for different food items and divide them into three parts — breakfast, lunch and dinner.