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Moving Out of State Checklist: Here is What’s Included

Moving is one of the most stressful life experiences. It needs a lot of planning from packing your stuff properly to find the right house at your new chosen location. Moving interstate is even harder because it is a time-consuming process and needs a lot of patience. You cannot leave things to the last minute as you do in a local move. It will not be easy for you to return to your previous place to pick up something that you left behind. So, what do you do? Well, you can always use a moving out of state checklist, a tool that never lets you run out of place.

Planning your move well ahead of time is the only way out to have a stress-free and smooth move that will save you from getting overwhelmed at the moving time. If you already are feeling stressed and anxious, you can follow the below checklist that will keep you on the right task at the right time and you will feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of your move. This checklist will make your move a step easier and more seamless.

Create an Inventory of Moving Articles 

Planning is the key to success and it implies here too. Moving interstate is different from a local move where you can take along everything that you own and can sort afterward. In an interstate move, it is a good idea to sort your belongings and downsizing your house well before you start your packing process for the move. Create a packing timeline that may include all your moving-related tasks, estimated time taken in them, and gathering of the right material for it.

You should mention all the small tasks in your moving timeline including sorting of your belongings, decluttering, and getting rid of all the unwanted stuff by selling and/or donating. You can create a week-wise timeline too.

Make a Budget

Finances are a major concern, especially in an interstate move. It is always better to keep a track of all your expenses and have an estimate in advance so that you should not feel financially drained at the end of the moving day. You can make a budget to monitor all your moving expenses. This budget will help you in keeping your expenses in control as in case you have to spend extra in the completion of one expense then you can save on another task to keep your budget intact.

Sort and Declutter

The best way to cut down your moving cost is to cut down your belongings. Moving distance and weight of shipment are two major factors that determine your moving budget. So if you somehow lessen the shipment weight that you can save a good amount of money because you cannot do anything about the moving distance.

The best way to declutter and downsize your home is to get rid of anything and everything that you haven’t used in the last 12 months. Get rid of the emotional attachment with things. You can take pictures of all the gifts and your favorite things for future memories and can donate these items.

Make a pile of each category including donation, selling, and gifting. Another thing that you can and should get rid of is your furniture. Furniture items are heavy and make a huge difference in the overall weight of your shipment. So it is wise not to take unnecessary furniture items with you.

Disconnect/Connect Utilities

Moving to a new place needs new utility connections of electricity, water, gas, internet, and cable,

Especially if you are moving to another state as your current utility provider may not be able to offer you services there. Make sure you set up the right time to stop and start the utility services. You should plan your electricity to cut after a few days of your move as there may be a sudden change in the plan. Similarly, start all your utility connections at least two days before your moving day. Take note of all the billing dates of your current and new utility connections.

Update Your Address and Take Copies of Your Medical Records

Make sure you update your address at all the needed places. You can do it online in modern times. Simply go to the website of the related services that may include banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and telecommunication companies to notify about the changed address. You can also consider transferring your bank account to your new location.

The next important step is to transferring of your medical records to be transferred to a new doctor in the new state. You should get this done at the earliest especially if you are having any underlying disease. Get a copy of your medical health records so that you can show them to your new doctor to let him understand your health conditions.

Find a School before the Move

It is very important to find the right school before you move if you have school-going children. Get your children enrolled before you move so that they are ready to start their new session and adjust to the surroundings well in time.

Above-said are some golden points that you should keep in check when moving to another state, to have a smooth transition.  An interstate move is complicated and you need to be prepared for it in the best way possible. Using a checklist is something that helps you to have a smooth and stress-free experience.