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Mother Dog With A Broken Leg Led a Vet 2 Miles To Save Her Puppies

This incredible dog with a badly injured leg led a vet two miles to an abandoned car where she had given birth to 10 puppies.

The skinny greyhound was found wandering in the streets in Vera, southern Spain. One man managed to catch her and brought the injured stray at the local vet clinic. The vet Ellen Sobry who was checking up for her, noticed that the female dog has newborn babies, since she was still producing milk. Here is how the big search for the puppies has begun.


Ellen decided to take Vera, the dog was named after the town when she was rescued, for a walk with a hope she would bring her to the spot where might be any living puppies.

“We put a collar and long lead on her and took her back to the market. Then we just followed her for about 3km – she knew where she was going, ” said Ellen. “She led us to them, it was incredible – I couldn’t believe what I saw.”


Vera led the vet to the abandoned car where she had given birth. 10 newborn puppies huddled together were sitting on the back seat of the vehicle, while their mother was looking out of the front window.

Now the beautiful mama and her puppies are safe and they are going to stay in a foster home until all of them find new loving homes.


Take a look at the incredible moment of the dog leading a vet to her puppies.