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Mother Defends Her Son After a Cruel Meme of His Photo Went Viral

When the awful meme, making fun of the 4-year old Jameson Meyer was created, his mom AliceAnn didn’t take it lightly.

Some person thought it would be funny to swipe a photo of Jameson, who’s born with craniofacial syndrome, and turn it into an image, comparing the little boy with a pug.


When Meyer saw the image and how it went viral, she was really upset since the photo that was turned into a meme was taken from her personal website.

“What compels a person to do such a thing I will never understand,” Meyer wrote in her blog.

Meyer petitioned Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and she was able to get the meme removed from the web. Trying to turn this overwhelming situation into something good and productive, Mayer started spreading awareness of Jameson’s disease, hoping that this will help prevent bullying in the future.

“His face was everywhere and I thought it was a great time to say ‘This is my son and this is who he is and this is what he has. I can’t stop people from doing horrible things, but if his face is out there, I may as well make it for good rather than bad,” said AliceAnn for ABC news.


She also wrote a post for her blog with a title: “This is my son Jameson and No, You may not use his photo”.

“I could sit idly by and tell myself that there are cruel people out there and that’s the world we live in. But you stole a photo of my 4-year-old son. Say what you want out loud, to your friends, in the comment box, but do not take my photo to degrade my child. I refuse not to fight. It is absurd to me that it will ever be OK to target children to degrade and humiliate them,” wrote AliceAnn in her blog post.

“As a mother of a child who looks different, this is my plea to you. If you are the parent whose child says another child looks funny or scary, don’t simply say, ‘That isn’t a nice thing to say.’ While you are right, it’s not nice, simply saying that and walking away still isolates my child. The next time follow that statement up and tell your child, ‘I’m sure he’s a very nice boy, let’s go meet him.’ Please, come introduce yourself and ask my child’s name. I assure you, we don’t bite! My child is just like yours; he can be sweet, loving, throw temper tantrums, and be a handful. And I assure you, I am just like you; I am a parent learning my way through this.”


“I promise you, he’s not scary, he’s just a little boy.”

“As hurt as I am that someone created this meme, I am not naive enough to believe there aren’t people out there who will mock and bully my child,” she continued. “But, I will always do what I can to encourage people to open their minds, hearts, and lives to Jameson and kiddos like him.