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Most Frequently Asked Questions from Patients Who Removed Their Tattoos

The initial tattoo removal consultation is an important moment for every patient and every practice.

This is the chance to display your level of expertise on the subject, get your patient to be relaxed and trust you so much that they make the decision to go ahead with the treatment.

What’s the cost of laser tattoo removal?

Most patients consider cost of treatment when deciding. It is necessary to price your services well and be confident about it. We advise that you draw up a structure for your prices which would allow you give quick and precise answers about the cost of your services. The best thing to do is keep the consultation centered on the benefit of going through with the procedure, not your fees. If you are considering removing a tattoo in Boston, MA, you should do a small research to identify the best value based prices.

How long will it take to get my tattoo removed?

Almost every patient gets concerned about how much time is required to remove the tattoo. There might be some who want to have a visible tattoo removed before an occasion like a wedding or enlistment into the military. Hence, it is necessary that you make it understood before you proceed that tattoo removal depends on how well the skin of the patient’s body can get rid of ink. There are cases where it takes more than one year for the body to get rid of the ink completely.

Being absolutely clear on what the patient should expect before you proceed ensures that the patient is okay all through the experience instead feeling cheated.

In order for the skin to have ample time to heal as treatments go on and for the immune system of body to remove ink, we advise that at least six weeks be given between sessions and eight weeks for complexions that are darker. Carrying out the treatments without adequate spacing in between could result to skin wrecking and side effects that are permanent and do not give the body ample time to take down the ink that was broken down during the last session. To get the best results, it is recommended that you space treatments 3 months apart.

 Is it needed aftercare treatment?

The aftercare treatment is the final stage of tattoo removal process. You should raise any questions with the specialist so as to avoid infection and speed up the healing process. Aftercare treatment includes cleaning the affected area, avoiding direct sunlight and how to deal with blistering in case it happens. Some tattoo removal services provide their clients with aftercare treatment kit making it easier for you to care for the affected area for faster healing.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

A little pain is to be expected in laser tattoo removal. Having said that, there are numerous persons who have said that it’s not as painful as they thought it would be.

The popular belief is that it is dreadfully painful to get tattoos removed but a great number of patients say that removing a tattoo feels the same as getting one on. Popular descriptions are that it feels like the snap of rubber band against your hand or bacon grease. Simply put, there is pain but it is bearable.