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Most Expensive In-Game Items Bought For Real Money

Some people consider buying a PS game for $50 is expensive, but there are some in-game items where that amount of money is not even close to their price. You probably haven’t heard about some of the games on the list, but everything depends on that one gamer willing to pay any price to get what they need.

You might spend some money on MLB odds, but some people consider gaming seriously, and they will do anything to become better at it. There haven’t been many expensive items sold in the past few years, but the item on top of the list will probably stay there forever.

Blue Party Hat from Runescape

Runescape is one of the most popular games in the world, especially in the 2000s, but lately, many players are returning to the game. Being the most played game also means that there will be some amazing purchases. One of the items you can buy for a lot of money nowadays is the Blue Pary Hat, standing at around $8000.

Supercarrier from Eve Online

If you like Star Wars and space-based games, Eve Online could be the perfect game for you. It’s very complex because there are a lot of details you need to know. Being a space game means that there will be starships that you can buy, and one of them made it on the list. The Revenant Supercarrier was the most expensive item in the game, which was sold for about $9k.

Zeuzo Account from WoW

You probably thought that the most expensive item would come from World of Warcraft players because their community was one of the largest a decade ago. But, even though they have many items that can be sold for thousands of dollars, an honorable mention needs to be the famous Zeuzo account.

This is an honorable mention because it’s not an item, and Blizzard doesn’t support selling accounts, so it’s not something players will recommend. The account was worth $10 000, and it had ten fully equipped characters with many achievement points.

City of Amsterdam

Second life is a very popular multiplayer game where you can do everything like in real life. From getting a job to buying things, the game is meant to recreate the life we are living in. But, some people used the opportunity of being rich in real life and bought the whole city of Amsterdam for $50 000.

CS: GO Skin

Being one of the most popular FPS games, CS: GO introduced skins to their players, which wasn’t an option in other expenses. There are some amazing reactions on YouTube where people will get expensive skins randomly, but one of them beats every other. The AWP skin Dragon Lore was sold for around $60 000, but some say that there are even more expensive skins in the game.

Entropia’s Virtual Land

Entropia is a unique MMO because of the trading system and transactions with real money. It’s a game where you can buy virtual land, which is becoming popular nowadays with virtual reality tech. Compared to the others on the list, you will think they were cheap because the Crystal Palace was sold for just over $300 000.

There are another two virtual lands that Entropia managed to sell for huge numbers, including the Club Neverdie. This is a nightclub that players can join, and the price for it was $635k. This price doesn’t include the renovation you might want to do, so make sure you have a spare buck for the details.

The most expensive purchase ever made is the planet Calypso from Entropia. This proves that you can have whatever you like in the game if you have the money. As the name suggests, this is a whole planet that was bought, and the cost was $6 million.

The buyers were developers from another studio that didn’t make the game, and they saw it as an investment considering that they could charge other players for visiting the planet.