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Most Common Questions About Teeth Whitening Answered

A huge number of people prefer to have teeth whitening as it is the most reasonable and simple way to enhance their precious smile. Additionally, this methodology is extremely simple and painful and also shows the best results. Most of the people choose for this method in case they are having any upcoming special event to look more presentable in the event or function. But there are various common questions that every patient who is going for the treatment asks regarding the teeth whitening process. We have segregated the most frequently asked questions that every patient asks with their best-given answers. So have a look:

1) What could be the cause for teeth discoloration?

Ans. Teeth can get discolored naturally die to any reason or it can happen from inheritance as well. The most common reasons due to which teeth can be yellow such as having tea or espresso or red wine. It can be due to any other beverage that contains food coloring. Also, if somebody utilizes specific anti-toxins in time when a tooth is forming, then it can likewise cause tooth discoloration.

2) How does the whitening treatment works?

Ans. In-seat whitening treatment with the dentist is a very relaxing procedure. It is completely painless and the professional will make you feel comfortable. He/she will just make you sit and take a few impression or x-ray. The professional will take few minutes for arranging the medication requirements and after you get your treatment, you would definitely leave the clinic with a big grin on your face.

There is a proper procedure that a professional performs to address his patients with whiten teeth without leaving any stains and pain. The professional teeth whitening process includes a bleaching agent that can change the discoloration of the teeth and mends the teeth drastically. However, there are various solutions that are available in store but utilizing this can lead to future problems, therefore, it is not suggestible to anyone to use. Also, choose your professional carefully as this can create a huge difference in your teeth whitening procedure.

3) How long the results will last?

The answer to how long the results will last completely depends on the individual. If you continue to consume food or beverages that have food coloring in it can make your teeth get discolored again. The whiteness of your teeth will start fading if it gets exposed to staining food items. But if you control your food habits and will take proper care of your teeth then your teeth whiteness can remain for a year or even longer than that. There are various instructions that you should follow to keep your teeth whitening remain for a long run. You should brush your teeth twice a day. Regularly floss your teeth and take the weekly or monthly appointment of your professional to maintain it.

4) Is it safe to get performed? Are there any side effects of the procedure?

Ans. Teeth whitening procedure is completely safe if done by an experienced professional. However, make sure that you take care of your teeth properly as there can be mute discomforts that a patient might experience during or after the whitening process. There can be insignificant warmth that some patients feel. Additionally, minimal shivering or insensitivity may happen for a few days. It is suggestible for the patients that they should use tooth mousse for one or two weeks to get rid of sensitivity. Tooth mousse is a type of tasty cream that can be applied for protecting tooth against sensitivity. It contains milk protein and fluoride that binds calcium and phosphate together to fortify tooth surface.

5) Do I need maintenance trays?

Ans. You can have maintenance trays if you want to. Maintenance trays can be used to fasten the results. It complements the teeth whitening procedure and maximizes the results. It can include whitening gels and instructions that can be used by patients to complement the process. They are free of charge and hence you don’t need to pay for it.


So, these were some of the frequently asked questions that every patient regardless of class difference generally ask before going for the teeth whitening methodology. We hope that these answers will help you in some way.