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Microblading Starter’s Guide: Easy Method For Filling Thin Eyebrows

When you talk about eyebrows, you catch the attention of many women. This is because they understand that eyebrows are one important aspect of how one’s face looks. There are different trends for getting the desired shape and thickness of eyebrows. However, the latest one, microblading, could be a timely solution for many. What is microblading, anyway?

Microblading is a relatively new technique of shaping and filling eyebrows that is almost like tattooing. It is actually a manual process that uses a handheld tool that resembles an X-ACTO knife with needles. With the knife, the artist introduces hair-like lines of pigments onto the upper skin layers that appear like your natural brows. The drawn lines will fill thin eyebrows, or restore your damaged eyebrows to the desired shape and appearance.


Microblading does not only give your brows a flawless natural look but also produces semi-permanent results. One can have their microbladed brows for up to 3 years, after which the pigment fades, leaving you with your original thickness and shape of brows.

How different is microblading from tattooing? One would ask. It is true that many will dread the thought of tattoos on their eyebrows. However, microblading is different. This is because the lines of pigments are not inserted as deep as traditional tattoos. The coloring in microblading is done on the upper layers of the skin. Also, it is not as painful as tattooing. However, it is a little uncomfortable as one will feel like their brow hairs are being plucked. Some numbing creams can be applied to ease the feeling, though.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading


What is the process?

This will depend on the salon you visit. In most cases, you will attend two appointments, one for microblading and the other, after healing, for a final touch up. Any good artist will first listen to their customers to understand their needs. Together with the client, they will also compare different brow shapes with the face of the client before settling for a design. They also do a color test by applying bits of different pigments on your skin near the eyebrows to see which matches your natural appearance. Your first appointment can actually take two hours or so.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing process is different for each client. Some can heal within a week, others go for about 14 days, and some even a month. During this time, make sure your brow hair is always very clean and dry. Also, do not go swimming or bask under the sun for too long.

How much does it cost?

The pricing for the service differs from one region to another. Basically, one should be ready to part with at least $300. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your eyebrows for years.

What are some of the side effects?

It is common for some clients to experience minor bleeding. This depends on other factors too. For instance, someone on some medications such as blood thinners is likely to suffer slight bleeding and bruising. After the process, the worked-on skin will be sore for some time, then become tender for a couple of days.

Are there some skin types that cannot do microblading?

Almost everyone can have their eyebrows shaped or filled through this process. However, some people have sensitive skin types that will negatively react with microblading. Such a person is likely to have other skin complications they are already aware of. Another group of people who should avoid microblading are those with large capillaries, keratosis, or moles around their brow area.


Why should I consider microblading? If you are one person who wants attractive eyebrows throughout the year without having to take a lot of time to fix yourself when you are going out, then this is the perfect solution. It actually saves you a great deal of time. Even during the rains or after a swimming pool session, you don’t worry about your brows makeup getting wiped off. What’s more, microblading creates perfect eyebrows that appear natural.

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Linda Collins is interested in fashion, beauty, and new trends. As she recognized microblading as one of the promising new trends she decided to do the training at DeluxeBrows, and is now passionate about it. Linda likes to share her experiences and knowledge with others so she writes about all beauty tips and tricks she knows.