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Microblading: London Trends

Microblading procedures are loved for their convenience. Eyebrows have, for a long time, been a beauty statement. Women all over the world are investing in eyebrow brushes, concealers, pencils, and so on. All that is in a bid to shape their eyebrows to increase their attractiveness. Despite there being several make-up techniques, especially in the line of eyebrows, does not change the fact that it is hectic and time-consuming. Imagine being late for work and you still have to set aside time to shape the perfect brow, the chance is high that it will not turn out as you intend and you will run late if you are to achieve perfection.

That must have been the reason behind the growing Microblading London trend. It is a beauty procedure that many women have come to appreciate with time. However, you need to note that it is still new and not so many people are well versed on what it really is.

What is micro-blading?

It is basically a tattooing procedure that mimics the size of the hair. The difference with the regular tattooing procedure is that it does not go as deep. Often the word Microblading is generalized, but it may involve two types of procedures. One is Nanoblading and the other micro shading.

Well, Nanoblading as aforementioned, is a tattoo beautifying process. Needles are used to deposit pigments of thin hair strokes under the skin of the brow. The reason why most people opt for this procedure is the fact that it gives a natural look and at the same time making the brow look voluminous.

Micro shading, on the other hand, is more or less an upgrade of Microblading. The difference is just the application. The procedure was designed for people with sensitive and oily skins. Just like in Nanoblading, a unique tool and needles are used for the job.

How long does the procedure take? This could take less time than most people use to do their makeup.  You would expect it to take maybe a couple of sessions and days. The good news is that it will not take a professional more than forty minutes to get the whole thing done.

Clients are often advised to go for follow up procedures about six weeks after the procedure to assess if they need a few things fixed. The next question will probably be how long the results can last. For one, this will depend on your skin type. It may last any time from one to three years.

Are there any side effects?

This will depend on the expertise of the Microblading professional that you will visit. A skilled one will know the kind of treatment to give you depending on your skin type. Generally, there are no severe side effects. There is a minor risk of getting an infection but provided you take proper after-procedure care; you should be safe.

Microblading procedures have a track record of a neat and flawless look. It is about time that you gave your eyebrows a permanent solution.