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Men Don’t Like Fake Women

No matter how they look, men have more self-confidence than women. Women are never sure if their outfit is good enough, if their lipstick matches their complexion, what necklace to wear etc. We’re not saying that there aren’t any confident women out there, but it’s a rare thing to find a woman who thinks she’s perfect just the way she is. We salute those women!Men-Don’t-Like-Fake-Women-1

Women are leading a silent war. In this war, they use all sorts of weapons such as red lipstick, high heels, hair extensions, fake nails, silicon…

The only thing that makes a woman sexy is self- confidence. Any grown man knows that tons of makeup and plastic doesn’t make a girl pretty.

We couldn’t help but wonder, what’s sexy for men?

It turns out men aren’t that simple as we thought and they all have different opinions on what’s sexy in a woman. While some think black lace is the sexiest thing ever, others say there’s nothing better than a girl wearing a jersey and adorable, knee socks.

Men love natural women who are self-confident and strong. They love it when a girl wakes up in their arms, without a pinch of makeup, messy hair and a morning smile to die for.

What do you think, are makeup and jewelry the most powerful weapons of women!?