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Meet the Real Life Heroes: People That Gave New Lives to Animals

In these next photos, you’ll see animals that have been abused, tortured, starved or lived on the streets looking for the next meal. Today, all these dogs are happy, healthy and loved thanks to these real life heroes that gave them a new chance.

Here are the touching moments of rescuing dogs- the exact moments when they get a new chance in life!

Pam Perry is holding one of the 26 dogs that got rescued from person who kept them for fights. This dog looks pretty happy, like he knows he’s getting a new chance…


Cutting the chains of a dog kept for fights in Isoli.


One of the 100 dogs rescued from a shelter where dogs lived in unhygienic conditions.


A member of the animal policies holding a dog saved from a property where dog fights were held.


Animal rights activists rescuing a puppy from a place where dogs were used for animal experiments.


Activists rescued Benny from a hoarder in Texas.


Pit Bull named Khaleesi was finally rescued after being molested for years. A wonderful man rescued him and took him into an animal shelter. Khaleesi and his rescuer are now a happy family.


A dog rescued from an owner that used him for dog fights.


American Neil Dreher worked for the Olympic Games in Sochi. There he met this abandoned dog and he instantly fell in love with him. He started collecting money so he could bring him back to America with him. Now Neil has a new beloved pet.


Claire was one of the 23 dogs rescued from a hoarder in Kentucky. Claire has scabs and other health problems. Today she’s healthy and happy.


Abandoned puppy Bethany was rescued from the street by Eldad Hagar from the organization “Hope for Paws”.Meet-the-Real-Life-Heroes-People-That-Gave-New-Lives-to-Animals-10

There are a lot more moments like these and many other real life heroes that have opened their hearts for animals and gave them a new chance for a better life.

Let this be inspiration to do something good for animals in need!