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Meet The Rat That Was Taught How To Paint And Created Wonderful Works of Art

Meet Darius! He’s probably the most talented rat you’ve ever seen. Darius is a huge start on social media because of his wonderful works of art. Yes, you’re reading this right! Darius is a rat who can paint.

Darius’s owner, Amalie Markota Andersen, is an animation and digital arts student. She trained Darius to paint with his feet, and thanks to his training, he only took 10 minutes to finish his art piece.

“I’ve had rats all my life, since I was around 14-15 years old. I’ve discovered how great they are as pets on the internet. Rats were just beginning to become popular as pets, I think. After I had my first rat, I just kept on getting them. Rats don’t live very long, usually 2-3 years, so I’ve had 9 so far. Darius was one of them,“ explains Amalie.

Amalie bought Darius a non-toxic watercolor set, dipped his little feet and let him walk back and forth until the work of art was created. Darius soon became a star on social media and Amelia became his manager. She started selling his works and used the money to buy Darius a harness so they could both explore the outdoors safely.